Sunday, 1 May 2016

I am back and 30K happy.

Hey Folks...

Yes it's been a while. Well things have been a bit busy for me on both the home and work front. I welcomed my daughter Alba into the world in November and as you can understand she has taken up a bit of my time. Work has also ramped up a bit, I am actually writing this in the lounge at Heathrow whilst I wait for a plane to São Paulo. I have managed to get some painting done, I just haven't had time to Blog about it or get pictures. Although that's not totally true, there are about 3 Blog posts that started and never got round to finishing so by the time I got to finish the new they didn't really make sense.

Anyway what I have done is made significant progress on my 30K HH Death Guard army. I came up with a final list and have just bought and painted the models to that list. I have no idea if it's any good or not it just has models I like in it at the moment. Bit of anti-infantry, bit of anti-tank etc. Should be able to give any other army a good game. Once I have had a few games with it I'll know if there is anything I need to change. I suspect I will be buying some more models for anyway as the Forge World stuff is just too amazing not to add to the army.  I would really like to add a Titan at some point, but anyway.....

So below are a bunch of pictures of stuff I have managed to finish for the Death Guard, all I have left are a couple of Land Raiders and a Stormblade Super Heavy. I left the really chunky stuff to the end.

Vindicator Laser Destroyer


Veteran Squad

Tactical Squad


Apologies for the quality of the pictures, I have been playing around with a new setup and haven't got it quite right yet.

Until next time...