Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Nurgle Completion

Hey Folks...

So after all my moaning about my inability to finish something, I have actually finished something!!!! My Nurgle Daemon 40K army is now finished to 1850 points, now of course no army is ever finished but I have a fully painted 1850 points to start with. I suspect there might be some changes after a few games but the whole purpose of this army was to have something a little different and that looked awesome on the table.

Last week I actually got to put in on the table and general opinions were that it looked awesome, so job done. But was it any good? Well in its first game I played against some Space Wolves, in the early turns I was getting a spanking but then somehow I managed to pull it back to a draw. So what did I learn?

1. Plaguebearers are crap. They are only good at getting in the way of things, although they are surprisingly good at knocking out vehicles with their special Plague Sword rule.

2. Ku'Garth is awesome. I actually started him in reserve but I think next time I will start him on the table. He has one thing that Daemons lack and that is some shooting, an AP3 pie plate with desent range should be on the table turn 1. The risk is that he gets shot up but with decent setup and his stats he should be safe.

3. Plague Flies. Undecided as yet, they got to do one charge, lost and the then double sixed their instability and left the table.

4. Beasts. Very good, they pretty much munch through anything and 4 wounds is very handy.

5. Soulgrinders. Not sure yet, they did ok but nothing special.

6. Helldrake. Amazing, but then what else did you expect?

All-in-all I am happy with it as an army and I think it will take a few more games for me to fully get to grips with it.

Here are a couple of pictures of my finished Helldrake, it uses the Forge World Plague Drone model at either end and the body of a Tyrannid monstrous creature, i really like it and think it fits in with the theme of the army.

So what else has been happening in my hobby time? I have actually decided to go to an event this year in the form of the GW Throne of Skulls Hobbit tourney (used to be LotR). I used to be a regular at GW events but it actually all got a bit too competitive for me. Maybe its an age thing but the armies that started turning up weren't really what I would call a proper army, they were just find the most powerful thing and spam it to death. I don't like to play that way, if thats your bag then fine it just wasn't mine so I stopped going. With the Hobbit game however you can't really do that, you can make powerful lists of course but I think the mechanics of the game allow everyone a fair shot. SO I have delved into the cases that were sitting in the back of the cupboard and dragged out my LotR figures.

What army? I have a ton of models for the game as its actually one of my favourites, this year its 600 points which is a nice level, it allows powerful models but at the cost of numbers so its a risky business. I had several main choices: -

1. Helmsdeep (Rohan Cav with Elves).
2. Goblins and Spiders.
3. Dwarves.

I actually got all the models for these out on the table, I like to look at the physical army once I have done the list, it helps me to see it more rather than just looking at it on paper. I love the Goblins and Spiders but I have taken them to a lot of events before, the Rohan/Elves just didn't look enough models. If you go for low model count then they need to have decent armour.... so Dwarves it is. They are a nice middle ground, although fairly light on numbers they are rock hard and have some great characters for a decent points cost. they also have the added bonus of being all painted. Once I came up with a decent list it turns out I needed a couple more models as some characters have been added since I last played so they have been purchased and are awaiting the application of paint. Five models is all I need to do and then the others need a bit of a tidy up and maybe some rebasing as they are approaching 10 years old.

Gorman De Wulfe
Warmachine has also been getting some love and I have added to a couple of bits to the Convergence of Cyriss army, I had my first game with them recently. I lost due to a pure caster placement on my part allowing the opponent to shoot him, my opponent would have died next turn as his caster was the only model he had left so it was purely bad play from me. I really liked them, you have to think very hard about the order you do things as they are an army that work by utilising all the other parts and not just rushing forward. On their own the models don't seem that great but when you combine them correctly they are awesome. I will defiantly be putting some table time in with them, at first I am just going to pick a couple of casters and try to learn them rather than go with different ones each time. I also painted up Gorman De Wulfe, he is neat little Merc that can help to nullify Jacks.

So whats next? Going to put 40K aside for a while after finishing the Daemons, although I have a couple of FW Mechanicus models I want to paint, just for painting them. If I do another 40K army then they might be a choice. Otherwise I want to get the rest of my Khador models finished so that they are all done, I might need another list for those. Still have some Flames of War to finish to but I have reduced the model pile a bit as I haven't bought anything for a while which is good, although its Salute next month and it would be rude not to make a few purchases right?

Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle
Here are a couple of extra bits, in order to get the Helldrake into the Daemon army I have had to ally with Chaos Marines so I therefore needed a HQ, I went with a Chaos Sorcerer as I love this model from ForgeWorld.

Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle and Plague Marines

And finally for you oldies out there.... we played a few games of Necromunda this month. I haven't played it for years but I knew I had got this model in one of my boxes from when the game came out that was still unpainted. I guess this fella must be pushing 20 years old... and I just got round to painting him. I think he must be the oldest model I own that hasn't been painted.

Underhive Scum

Until next time...