Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Khador, Eldar and the lull.

Hi Folks.

So its been a while.... I have been suffering the hobby lull. There have been a few reasons for this but basically real life has just popped its head through the door and I have been busy with other things. But to be honest I have also been lacking a bit of hobby inspiration. Its something we all go through at certain points. I just bought a new Time Trial bike so have been spending most evenings out on the bike getting some exercise, oh and my girlfriend moved over from Argentina.

Man-O-War ShockTroopers. 
I have been painting a few things though, last time I blogged I was working on Daemon army, well that has taken a bit of a back seat at the moment. I have been concentrating on my Warmachine Khador army and have finished off the Man-O-War Shocktroopers. I love this unit, they just look so cool and one of the main reasons that I went for Khador in the first place. I have also started on the Winterguard Unit and am about halfway through them, they are one of those units that just need to be done, not particularly fun to paint, but needs doing.

Winter Guard. 

The Eldar codex has also been released this month and some of the models look really awesome. Eldar were my first really serious army and I won a couple of local tournaments with them many years ago. Whilst not seriously considering an Eldar army, I purchased a box of the Wraithguard/Wraithblade models to paint up just because I liked the look of them. I have also painted a Farseer model that I had lying around. Initially I fancied doing a Iyandan army in their traditional yellow scheme but having looked at a lot of the pictures I am not keen on the yellow plus its really hard to paint. I therefore went for a red scheme. I am having a bit of a red phase at the moment, maybe future generations that study my work will call this my "red period".


One thing that had perked up my hobby juices again is a little tourney we are having at the Brighton Club. Its a 750pt tourney with Combat Patrol style army list restrictions.

No 2+ saves.
No unit character with more than 2 wounds.
Vehicles with armour no more than 33 (thats adding up front, back and one side).
No HQ's
Must have 2 Troops.
All other choices from the normal force org.

I have to say its a real challenge to build this kind of army. My first thought was Marines as I have been playing them a lot lately, plus this edition is very shooting army orientated. I did a couple of lists but wasn't feeling it. So I thought - hey, its a fun tourney so lets roll out the Orks and see how many models  I can get into 750 points. I made a list and (as usual) it meant I had to paint a whole bunch of models in just two weeks. Well it turns out that when you have a target, like a touney, its amazing what you can do. So in the last couple of weeks I have managed to bang out 18 Ork Boyz with Shootas and 20 Gretchin. Now these are not painted to a great standard, but using certain techniques they are still pretty good, a high tabletop standard I would say. But it has got me painting again after having a bit of a lull. Having the target of the tourney really helped to motivate me to pickup a brush again. I managed to get the list to 100 models and this included three Truks. After a bit of thought I did reduce this a little to get one Power Klaw into the list but the model count is still 96. For 750 I think this is pretty good and it will be interesting to see how it rolls on the table, I have just gone for sheer numbers.... nothing is too powerful I have just gone for sheer numbers.

So whats in the future. Well I am determined to get my Khador stuff finished. I have a list that I like with a solid base of core choices. This will allow me to mix a few bits in and out whilst keeping the core stable. I really like playing with the Khador army, it's a refreshing change from playing Cryx for so long. I still want to do a Hordes army and the Skorne models are sitting on a shelf looking at me ready to get painted.

Until next time...