Friday, 13 April 2012

The Stonehorn cometh.....

Hi Folks.... Have been away from hobby stuff for a while due to work travel and a vicious bought of Flu, but have been back for a couple of weeks and have managed to finally complete work on my Ogre Stonehorn, this is the other large monster in the Ogre army and is less suitable than it's friend the Thundertusk. For the first couple of games I am going to try and run it with the two units of Mournfang, just line them up and ram them down the throat of my opponent in an alpha strike. Hopefully this should take care of a couple of my opponents units.

This is also the first model I have painted with an airbrush, I only used it on the fur of the model and then finished the rest off with a brush. I have never used an airbrush before and it does take some practise, it is a bit of effort to mix the paint and then clean the brush each time but painting the actual model is a lot quicker and I think the effect is pretty good. I started off with a dark brown and then gradually lightened the colour each time up to a bleach bone colour right on the tips of the fur. I like this model, originally out of the two monsters I preferred the Thundertusk, but now the Stonehorn is finished I think my opinion is changing and the pose of the rider and the more forward stance of the monster makes this model look really cool on the table next to the other units.

Next up I need to finish off my other two Forge World Rhinox riders to complete a unit of four which I will be using as my second Mournfang unit, this will bring the army up to 2400.

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