Thursday, 1 March 2018

First Tournament for the Nurgle

Hey Folks.

I recently took my Nurgle army to a local AoS tournament. There were 20 players and my hopes were high for the new Nurgle book. I had played a few games with the new book, enough to know roughly what I wanted to take. I was also limited a little with the models that I have. I have bought a bunch of the new models but just haven't had time to paint them yet. So the list: -

Great Unclean One (GUO) with Bell/Flail.
Daemon Prince.
Rotbringer Sorcerer.

30 Plaguebearers.
10 Plaguebearers.
10 Plaguebearers.
10 Blightkings.
6 Plaguedrones.

General plan was for the two 10's of Plaguebearers to hang back on home objectives. Everything else forward and smash stuff. Nurgle has a surprising amount of speed now, with certain buffs, spells and the tree a 1st turn charge is feasible and was significant in one of the games. My main strategies were to make sure any unit I wanted to charge were in range of the tree in turn one. The Daemon Prince would tag along with the flies to give them +1A. The Rotbringer would put his spell on whoever looked like they were going to see combat first, this would give that a unit an additional mortal wound on a hit roll of 6. The GUO would also give his Command Ability +1A on the same unit.

Game1. Sylvaneth.
This was the Duality of Death scenario. This is a good one for me. I charge the Prince to one objective with the Flies and then the GUO goes to the other one. If I go first it's pretty much a win. Even if the Prince goes down I am up on points and the GUO with all the Plaguebearers is just impossible to get off the other objective. This is exactly what happened in this game. Most of the army got over the half way line and the Sylvaneth could not come back. I scored very highly so was in 1st place at the end of game 1.

Game 2. Mixed Order.
We were playing Scorched Earth which is one of my favs. The order army looked scary. There was Alarielle on her big beetle, a Stormcast chap on a massive Dragon and then a few other bits. I wasn't sure how I was going to deal with two massive monsters. What I did notice was that on his two outside objectives were just a couple of units of ten skinks. I got first turn and pounced, the flies and the Daemon Prince taking advantage of all the move buffs charged over and got a first turn charge on one of the skink units. I destroyed them and then burned his objective before the rest of his army could come down on me. I scored 2 points from his but I scored all 3 of mine as well. So I was 5 up in turn 1 and he was unable to score the one I destroyed from this point on. Now it was just a case of defending that lead. It was a close thing in the end, he was very aggressive with his monsters and they did some damage but I managed to carry on steadily scoring. I also managed an awseome turn 2 charge to destroy one of his other objectives and he just could not come back. End of game 2 I was still in 1st place.

Game 3. Tzeentch.
We were playing Starstrike. My opponent was a good friend of mine, from the club I go to and also someone I had never beaten with his Tzeentch. This was the first time I had played them with the new Nurgle book and I knew how his army played. He uses an unusual list but it is still very powerful. When the objectives started falling they fell in good positions for Paul, he had two on his strongest side, really close together and I didn't have much over there. I also made a mistake on my side where I chased a unit to kill them which meant a fast unit of Pauls could score on my objective. I didn't need to go after that unit, without that mistake I might have been able to score a draw, if the objectives had dropped a bit more favourably, I might have been able to win but his army is so good that I don't know. Paul really knows his army and how to play it, so it was always going to be difficult for me.

So in the end I finished 4th. I was really pleased with this, it's a new book and I was really happy to do so well with it.

Here are some pictures of my army from the day.

Until next time...