Tuesday, 13 December 2016

I finished something!!!

Hey Folks...

Today is a glorious day - I finished an army. I know that an army is never finished but what is finished is my initial 1850 list. My current standard practise with a new army is to begin with a list, this is usually based on some theme I have in mind or just based around a few models I like the look of. Normally once I have this initial army painted up i'll play a few games with it and then decide that its not actually that good on the table and then change a bunch of bits.

This army is yet to hit the table but it is ready and waiting. So a brief history of this army - Many years ago GW did a world wide campaign, it was related to the release of the Eye of Terror book and one of the lists in that book was a Traitor Guard type list. It was really awesome, you could take Guard models and Chaos Space Marine units, mutants - was really cool. I built a fairly solid list from that book and modelled it using Guard and Zombie kits, but as with all things that list was phased out and the models went into storage.

But then Forge World released Imperial Armour 13 and back came the Heretics list and my dreams came true. Out came the box with all my zombie Guard models and I got right to work building a list. This time it was better, I got all the tank options, Super heavies etc. I looked over what I had and didn't need to paint anything in terms of Infantry apart from a Plague Zombie unit, these guys don't have weapons and all the models I had built had guns, no problem I just bought a box of zombies and that was it. Then I needed a bunch of tanks. A couple of Leman Russ, a couple of Hydras a couple of Chimera chaises and a Baneblade. Colour scheme wise I have just done them using the rust technique that I used on my Chaos Marine army as then I could play them together for bigger games. This wont take long at all...... well then GW release the Calth set and a few other things that distracted me, my wife and I also had a baby and so a couple of years later after finishing off that initial list I finally have a completed army.

I think it looks pretty good, a lot of the infantry models are over 10 years old so do show my painting skill at that time, but as they are diseased zombies I kinda got away with it. The vehicles look Ok, a good table top standard but I finally have the Traitor Guard army that I always wanted. I can't wait to get it on the table and see how it goes. It has a surprising amounted of firepower and also bodies, admittedly none of them are very good units so I am hoping that sheer weight of dice will come out in my favour.

The one model I am really pleased with is the Baneblade. This is the centre piece to the list. I will be writing some fluff up for this model which can be found in the IA13 page. The premise is that it's an old Baneblade that used to be in the service of the Death Guard before the Horus Heresy so it's the same rusted scheme as the other tanks but with some of the White/Green of the pre Heresy Death Guard. Another model that I have plans for is a Renegade Knight, with the release of the Traitors Hate book these are official models now. This Knight is going to be all rusted up and damaged. I am actually going to use the first Knight I painted up and hit it with a drill and repaint it. That Knight was originally going to be part of a Knight Tanaris house army that never really materialised so I am going to re-purpose the model. Again, the fluff for this can be found on the IA13 page.

So that's it, after a many years and several book versions the renegade army I envisioned so long ago will finally be on the table in all its glory. The other advantage of this army is that it will pair well with my Chaos Marines for larger games and if the rumours are true there will be some nice new rules for Chaos Marines coming soon. Look for more fluff on the IA13 page and hopefully some battle reports coming up soon.

Here are a few other pictures of some bits of the army.

Renegade Ogryn and Sgt.

Plague Zombies
Hydra Battery

This is the Renegade Knight that mentioned above. I managed to get it finished before I got the pictures for the post. As mentioned this was originally painted as a loyal Knight, I normally paint Knights with all the armour plates off but in this case I had to paint it all stuck together. I popped it off the base and then stuck on all the Chaos bits before hitting it with a Boltgun Metal spray and then setting to work with the brush.

I really like the way it turned out and look forward to writing some fluff up for him.

Until next time.....