Monday, 13 March 2017

Age of Sigma, the butterfly strikes again.

Hey Folks....

O. M. G. (excuse the teenage expression) I have so much stuff to paint right now, its piling up on the desk in a massive mountain. I am also working abroad a lot at the moment which really isn't helping.

Myself and three of my old school friends recently got together at Warhammer world to play some Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower. We used to play a lot as kids but grown up life took us in different directions and spread us out over the country, and in one case New Zealand. But with the release of the new game and some international travel stars aligning we all managed to arrange a weekend at the Mecca of gaming to play. Well long story short we all really loved it and my friend Steve who had been contemplating getting back into some gaming decided to take the jump into AoS. So with his enthusiasm for a new system ringing in my ears I started looking at it more and then the creative juices started to roll.

I have a decent size Daemon army I can use for AoS but with the release of some really cool new Stormcast Eternal models I decided to take a tentative look into a new army. This involves the inevitable test model.

I have painted a couple of Stormcast for the WHQ game in the standard gold scheme but fancied doing something a little different. I am going through a bit of a White phase at the moment. White looks really good when done well, the trick is doing it well. I have pretty much mastered it with my 30K HH army and it is this scheme that I will be applying. Although the darling of GW Ben Curry has done a similar thing and got it pasted all over the Internet - I had the idea first.

Stormcast Test model.
So what to paint? I was toying with the idea of buying the AoS starter box but wasn't sure I wanted to put down that much money on it when ultimately I might not play it that much so I just purchased a box of Liberators. This is a unit that would be in the army pretty much every time if I decided that it was an army I wanted to play. I stuck together one model and sprayed it White before applying the HH Death Guard scheme. Given that I have a ton of actual HH models waiting to be painted i found this kinda ironic. Well as you can see I think they game out ok.

In other AoS news I made my way to Warhammer World to give Steve his first real game, and what a location to play your first AoS game. I took my Nurgle Daemons with me and managed to get painted the final model for the list just before we played. The army is all Nurgle Daemons and it only felt appropriate to be lead by Epideimus.

We played a really fun game which ended in a draw. It was the Comet Scenario where you score the number of points per objective equal to the game turn. I managed to score early whilst denying Steve and built up the points but then he managed to clear off his objective in turn 4. This left the score 9 to 4 in my favour with 5 points going per objective on the last turn. Well Steve managed to sweep around with his Orc Cav and contest my objective whilst controlling his own, I was unable to clear him out of the way and thus it ended with Steve scoring 5 and making it a draw. Its a really well thought out scenario and I had not really thought about the scoring being equal to the turn number until the end. I was way ahead in points and couldn't really see a way back for Steve so I didn't think about my positioning with regard to the scenario and this caught me out at the end. It goes to show that in AoS it really isn't over until the Fat Daemon sings.

I have managed to paint a few other bits since the last post. I have finished all the HH 30K models for my initial 2500 pt Death Guard list but there is so much more to paint. My initial list was built to get models on the table but it needs a lot of work to make it into the list I am happy with so there is more to paint there. I have also finished some Tzeentch Heralds on Discs for my 40K Daemon army. I think this is going to change into a whole list. I purchased the new Fateweaver model recently as it is just so awesomely good. I pretty much have all the models for Tzeentch army, just a case of getting them stuck together and painted (as always).

I also painted a Daemon Prince, there is a new formation that is three Daemon Princes and Magnus which could be good fun.

Death Guard Stormblade.

Tzeentch Daemon Prince

 Until next time....