Thursday, 25 April 2013

Khador and the Beast.


So its been another busy month of hobby the highlight of which was the Salute event. I have been to many of GW's GamesDays but this was my first Salute and it was awesome. GamesDay is just a big Games Workshop advert, don't get me wrong I am a big GW fan but there isn't much there to get excited about. but Salute is like being inside nerdvana. If you are into gaming in general then this show really is awesome, there isn't much in the way of actual gaming, there are participation games but they are not a big part of the show. There are some big demo games going on that some clubs (normally of the historical variety) put on and these are normally very big. The main reason to go is the retail side, there are stands from the big retailers, games designers, sculptors, big companies, small companies basically anything that you can buy for any game is there and its a great opportunity to pick up those hard to find things. The club ran a 40K game this year and its defiantly something I would like to do again.

Lich Lord Terminus
Hobby wise I have managed to get a few things done in the last couple of weeks. First on the list is a new caster for my Cryx Warmachine Army. I actually bought this guy about a year ago and assembled him but then put him to one side to focus on learning one cast more in-depth, so after playing Deny as my main caster for a while I thought I would paint him up and give him a run out. Terminus is a big model and was a real pain to put together. I used my faithful Green Stuff and Superglue method, it's tricky but effective. it basically involves using a small amount of Green Stuff on one side of the joint before applying the Super Glue, the combination of the two makes joints rock solid, the trick is getting the joint to take as Green Stuff and Glue can be a bit slippery on initial contact but when that sucker takes it isn't going anywhere unless the model takes a dive from the table. Even if a joint does break in this fashion its easy to fix as the Green Stuff moulds around the joint making reattachment easy.

So following on with the Warmachine theme I finally got round to finishing the Khador starter box. The box comes with Scorcha a Devastator and a Juggernaut. I also started on the unit of Man-O-War Shock Troopers. The Shock Troopers will be going in my final 35pt list no matter what as the models are fantastic and one of the reasons I started a Khador army in the first place. I have a final 35 list and luckily managed to purchase all the models I needed in one go at Salute. Most of them are stuck together and I think will give them a run out soon even though they wont all be painted. I want to see how they roll, I am going for a fairly standard Winterguard deathstar list using Epic Irusk as my main caster. Troops will consist of a full unit of Winterguard with all the attachments standing behind the Man-O-War. The Winterguard will be able to shoot through the Man-O-War due to one of Irusks abilities, when anything gets close the Man-O-War smack them, they will be supported by the Devastator. This leaves me with 9 points..... This is a nice Juggernaut sized hole but I am still undecided if thats what I will put in. I have a few other units lying around that I could put in, I suspect I will go with the Juggernaut to start with. However if I drop Devastator, and make a couple of other tweaks I might be able to get my Conquest in...... mmm.

Man-O-War Shocktrooper

Khador starter set
And finally I added a Beast of Nurgle to my fledgling Nurgle Daemon army. This guy will walk along with a unit of Plaguebearers and Charge a unit first to take all the Snap Fire before the Plaguebearers charge in.

Beast of Nurgle

So next up work continues on the forces of Khador and adding units to the Nurgle Daemons which are not that far from completion, I just need to finalise the army list.

Until next time...

Sunday, 7 April 2013

It's not easy being green.

Hey Folks...

So my Daemon exploits continue, with the release of the Daemon codex and preparing for the game we are running at Salute this year, painting Daemons has been a bit of a theme for me over the last couple of weeks.

For my own army I am going to try an all Nurgle force, I think it should do ok although I am a bit concerned at the lack of shooting, to cover this I am thinking about trying to get some Chaos Marine allies in there to add a bit of shooting, namely some Plague Marines. Initially I am going pure Daemon and then I will see how it goes. For the Salute game we also need some Plaguebearers and a couple of Heralds so I have finished painting them up, so thats the Salute game covered plus the bulk of my own force.

For the Salute game the only thing I have left to paint is the Dreadknight for the Grey Knights, he is pretty much done, I just need to finish a couple of details.

Herald and squad of Plaguebearers
This is a shot of the new plastic Herald with his unit, the new Herald is an awesome model, I put him on a bigger base and added some spare Nurglings to make him stand out from the normal Plaguebearers although its sheer size is enough to do that.
Herald of Nurgle

With the new Daemon release we got Nurgle Plague Drones. I bought a box of these on release day with the intention of having a big unit in the army, even though I had models to paint for Salute I couldn't help but paint one of these guys up to see what they looked like. I wasn't sold on these when I first saw the pictures but now I have put one together and painted it I am liking it. It's a really nice size, not too big but big enough to look intimidating on the table, a unit of these swooping across the board should hopefully give my opponent something to worry about whilst the rest of the army turn up. 

Nurgle Plague Drone

As I mentioned earlier I am thinking about adding in some Plague Marine allies to help out on the shooting front so I tried out a test model. I used the same technique as I did with the Daemons basically washes over a White Undercoat. I added a more green tint to separate them out from the Daemons. 

Nurgle Plague Marine

And finally, Slaanesh Daemons actually look pretty tasty in this edition. I had some Daemonettes lying around from the last release so I thought I would try out the same technique on them as I had with the Nurgle stuff. So I undercoated the model White but this time I actually painted the armour Silver and the claws a darker Blue. I then washed the whole model with a couple of different Blue/Purple washes. I really liked the affect this has as even though there are painted colours the application of washes over everything ties in the colour and adds a natural shading to the painted areas. This technique works well on Nurgle stuff as the models are all skin and I wasn't sure if the same technique would work on models with armour and bits that are different colours but I think it works pretty well. I will be interested to see how it works on something like Seekers. So I have added Slaanesh onto the possible additions to my army once the Nurgle stuff is done.

So thats it for this post, hoping to get some Khador stuff painted soon I suspect Daemons are going to take up a lot of my time over the next few weeks. 

Until next time...