Wednesday, 18 October 2017

General update and some random stuff.

Hey Folks....

Hobby time has been completely minimal for the last couple of months, I have been working away again and spending the vast majority of the last three months working in Brazil (its not as cool as it sounds).

Chaos Dwarves
From my other posts you may have seen that I am currently getting into AoS in a big way, well I did manage to get some other bits and pieces done in the mean time. The release of the new version of Bloodbowl has been a great incentive to get some models done. I managed to paint up my Chaos Dwarf team that has been sitting in the case for some time. It was nice to paint some metal models again. I have always been a fan of playing the "underdog" teams like the Halflings and Goblins, well a brand new Goblin team is about to be released and those have been ordered, but I also picked up a Halfling team from a different manufacturer. Its not often I use non GW models for GW Games but the sculpts on these things were really cool.
Chaos Dwarf Team - Hobgoblins

I got them from Salute which happened recently. One of the Treemen is painted already and I will start on a couple of the Halflings soon. To go along with this team I also have the mystical Grak and Crumbleberry which is an Ogre and Halfling star player combo. You can only get these from Warhammer World and Shows and they have been going for a fortune on E-Bay. Well fortunately I don't live that far from Warhammer World so managed to pick them up on a recent trip. I have painted Crumbleberry already and plan to add Grak really soon.

Chaos Dwarf Team - Bull Centaurs

Crumbleberry - Star Player

Halfling Treeman

Kalistra 12mm Orcs
Some other bits I picked up at Salute were from Kalistra, they are a 12mm Fantasy range. I didn't really buy them for any other reason than I thought they looked cool. Kalistra do their own rules for the models, I haven't read them so not sure what the game is like but I really liked the look of them. So I'll paint them up just to paint.

But AoS has been a focus and I have managed to add to the painted models for my new Order army. I finished the unit of Stormcast and also the unit of Kurnoth Hunters. I have also purchased the rest of the models for the army so its all here and sitting in boxes ready to go. The plan now is to stick together and paint the Dwarf Gyrobombers and the Celestial Hurricanum as these are models that I can't really play with unless the are painted as I can't paint them stuck together. Once these are done I will stick together and rebase the rest of the models as then I can at least play with the army whilst I paint the rest of it up.

GW also released AoS Skirmish, this came out as a bit of a surprise but it is a really good game. You buy models on an individual basis and they all act separately on the table. There is a campaign in the book but also some Match Play scenarios. It is really good fun and armies can vary from 3 models, with 10 to 12 being common up to 25 for certain armies. It allows new players to get the idea of the game but it also allows veteran players to build smaller armies of a new race or try out something new. I have played a few games just using the Nurgle Daemons and some of the Order models without putting any real thought into tactics so I can't offer any advice on army building for Skirmish. Shooting was ok but didn't have as much of an effect as I thought it would. Quality over quantity seems to be a thing, again this is from a very limited amount of games but I played a friend with his Orcs (or Urrrks, whatever they are now), he only had four models - a Megaboss and three of the really hard boys, and the Megaboss just smashed face. He is so hard to take out and if you don't he will just wreck whatever it was you were trying to hit him with. But its fun, easy to get into and quick to play without diminishing the tactical element of the game.

Until next time...