Thursday, 7 February 2013

Ultramarines go forth.....

Hello hobby fans.

Well its been a busy few weeks on the Gareth hobby scene. Firstly the UltraMarines have had two outings in the tournament currently underway at the game club I attend in Hemel. On both occasions I am pleased to have come away with two victories.

To answer the question I posed in a previous blog I made up my spare points with a Land-speeder Storm carrying a unit of Bolt-gun touting Scouts, this unit was picked out by my girlfriend because she thought "it looked cool" and I have to say they have been awesome. Maybe a new way to build army lists? Push your girlfriend into a GW store and just ask her to pick random boxes on models.... seems to work.

Land Speeder Storm
In the first game they took to the field against the Tau, it was a fairly one sided affair in the end as in the first turn I managed to take out the Quad Gun and the main battle tanks, after this it was just a case of teleporting in the Terminators to clean up and the Scouts to zoom in and nick the objectives.

In the second game I faced a Marine Biker army, from my side of the table it looked pretty scary with all the T5 bikes zooming in. It got pretty messy but I managed to escape the worst of the shooting and a decent Vindicator hit on one squad and getting the Terminators into combat turned the game in my favour. The Tactical Squads were able to move onto the objectives whilst the Terminators cleaned up with help from the StormTalon and Predator. I also managed to get all the secondary missions (Line Breaker, First Blood etc...) Although the victory point count was high for me it could have gone the other way.

So I am pretty pleased so far, for your basic Marine list its performing pretty well. 6th Ed definatly seems to favour armies that can bring some firepower to the table, combat doesn't seem as much of an influence unless its being delivered by some 2+ save, power-fist carrying Terminators.

Painting wise I have been pretty busy, I like to play with fully painted armies if at all possible so I have been trying to get the list I am using in the tourney finished as I decided to use some new units. I have finished the Land Speeder Storm this week (although I need to do the crew still), that just leaves me with the Predator to finish and a unit of Scouts, they should be done before my next game. I also want to do a new Vindicator, the one I am using is the old Forgeworld kit and it's showing its age so once the army is done I might paint up a new one so it looks a bit better.

The Dreamer and Lord Choppy Bits
Its been a bit of a new games month as well, I have been wanting to get into Malifaux for a while so I have bought some models for that, you only need a few models to play a game so getting a "crew" ready for the table wont take long.

Flames of War is another system I have been looking at for a while, there are a lot choices when it comes to building an army which is a little daunting. But with the release of the starter set it makes getting into the game a lot easier. The box comes with enough models to build two armies to begin with so I have made the purchase and have painted up my first test model.

So here are the pictures....

Land Speeder Storm.

Flames of War. German Tank.

Until next time...

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  1. Yo!

    Great work on the paint jobs as always - Really diggin' the camo on the Stug and Lord Chompy Bits is looking suitably nightmarish >[

    If you get the chance to get a game of Malifaux in, let us know your thoughts / first impressions etc. - I've heard some good things.