Saturday, 27 October 2012

Stuck to a StormEagle.

Hey Folks...

Quick update, I felt I must Blog after the last four hours.... So picture the scene, its cold and windy outside so I thought I would spend a nice afternoon watching the England V Wales Rugby League match whilst sticking together my new ForgeWorld StormEagle.

Well four rather stressful hours later, several incidents of gluing myself to other bits of myself I finally managed it. I love ForgeWorld stuff, but sometimes it really doesn't fit well together and its just a battle. This model was a total nightmare, I managed to get it together in the end but there are a few gaps that will need filling and the rear door really hasn't gone on well, but you can't really see it so not too much of an issue. I built it with Ultramarines doors as it will be fitting in with the blue fellas and transporting some Terminators into battle, overall it is a nice model and will look pretty intimidating on the battle field. In the future I was thinking about doing a complete Pre-Heresey army with another StormEagle, I might rethink :-)

I have also finished painting Draigo for the Salute army, He came out pretty nice, the only thing I don't like is the sword, as it's Finecast the sword is a little bent, and even trying to straighten it with some warm water didn't really help. But overall it's a great model with loots of detail and I really enjoyed painting him.

Ultramarines StormEagle.


Until next time...

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Nice ride....

Hey folks,

Have been a bit quiet on the Blog front lately but fear not the brush has been busy. I have a few projects on the go at the moment, mainly 40K related as 6th Ed has really got the juices flowing. As I mention in a previous post I have extracted the Ultramarines from the draw they were living in and dusted them down to take to the table once again, they have had one outing so far which resulted in the Eldar getting a right good spanking. 6th is definitely more of a shooting game and my existing army was very much a shooting orientated build, all it needs is a few bits painted up and its fully done.

So all I had left to paint was: -

  • One Razorback
  • Two Storm Talons. 
I was going to go with 3 Storm Talons but in the end I decided to stick with two and switch the third one out for a Defence Line (with a Quad Autocannon) and a Scout Squad.  The reasoning behind this was that I thought I was a bit light on Troops choices and also the Defence line is great for sticking the Tactical and Heavy squads behind and I also have the benefit of the added air defence with the Quad gun. So this week I have managed to finish the Razorback to go alongside the other one in the army. I went with the Razorbacks over Rhinos as they give an extra couple of heavy guns and if I Combat Squad the Tac units the Heavy weapon half can stay behind the Defence line and the other half can jump in the Razorbacks to go after any objectives. I fitted both Razorbacks with the Ultramarine doors form Forge World as they just look awesome on the model and give some detail to the otherwise flat areas. 

All I need to do now is finish off the two Storm Talons and the army is done. After this I'll build up some other units to switch in and add some variety but this will be after other projects are done, the main aim right now with the Ultramarines is to have a decent fully painted 6th Ed army, although I do have a Storm Eagle winging its way from Forge World which will no doubt take up some of my time in the next week or two. It's such an awesome model, it is 300 points (which is a lot) but is just too awesome not to use on occasion. To get it into the army I just need to drop one Storm Talon and the Dreadnought and thats bang on 300 points. The imagine of the Storm Eagle coming on to the table being escorted by the other Storm Talon is something to really look forward too. 

The other ride that has seen action recently is my Vendetta. I have been experimenting with some Guard allies for the Orks, as I had some "Chaos Guard" from a Lost and the Damned army I built years ago (See previous Blog Post) and thought they would fit in well. What the Guard provide is some much needed anti tank guns which is what my Ork build struggled with. A Vendetta is awesome for this with three twin-linked Las-Cannons zooming onto the board. My opponent then has the dilemma of either trying to take it down or worrying about the Ork horde that is about to punch him in the face. In the first game I tried it the Dakka-Jet and Vendetta both came on in the 2nd turn and just caused carnage. I am trying to get the second Dakka-Jet into the list as if they both come on in the same turn and I Waaargh them they can just remove whole units from the table. The Vendetta is painted up to match the Chaos Guard so its all brown with rusted metallics to show that it hasn't received much love from its owners. 

Until next time...

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Deathwing Command Squad and other bits.

Hello fellow plastic crack addicts.

Its been a busy hobby week and with several projects on the go the paint station is covered in models in various stages. The "List" from a previous post has been abandoned in favour of doing what I fancy and it seems to be working out ok.

With 6th Edition getting more of my play time I have finally decided on the direction of my various armies.

1. For the Orks I have settled on a contingent of Imperial Guard allies and they performed pretty good in their first outing and they will soon be joined by a Vendetta.

2. The first squad for the Deathwing has now been finished (Only 6 more to go).

3. I have finalised a list for my Ultramarines and am just finishing up a few bits to get them up to 6th Edition readiness. They were my army of choice in 4th Ed but didn't seem to work so well in 5th so were confined to a box, but I think in 6th they will be pretty good.

Also on the paint station is a unit of Bile Thralls and Epic Deneghra for my Cryx WarMachine army. The Kraken is also stuck together and will be the next thing to see the paint brush when the 40K stuff is done.

Following on from my post about the iPad and the amazing quality of its pictures I thought I would try out the video option, I think that works pretty well to. I am going to try and get hold of a turntable so that I can get decent 360 video of models to put in various Blog's.

A close up of the squad Apocathory.

 The Squad Standard Bearer.

Inq Coateaz (The was the first FineCast model I bought when FineCast was first released). 

A squad of Purifiers I painted up when the GK Codes was released. 

Until next time....