Saturday, 20 June 2015

Little and Large and everything in-between.

Hey Folks.....

Well its been a while, real life got busy for a bit. I still managed to get plenty of hobby in though. The last couple of topics have been about Warmachine and a few weekend I participated in my first Warmachine tournament, I have participated in many tournaments over the last ten years or so but never Warmachine. It was 50pts with Deathclock and as mentioned in the last entry I had never played either so wasn't expecting to place well and honestly winning one game was my target.

Well in the first game the pressure of the clock got to me straight away and I played like an absolute muppet. However it seemed that my mistakes actually affected the way my opponent played, plus he had a massive army and clocked himself out, so game 1 win and object achieved. I lost the next two mainly due to unfamiliarity with my opponents models and just not really knowing what to do and then I won my last game with a classic Buthcher3 Assassination. In the end I placed 8th out of 16 which for my first 50pt timed event I was very happy with.

I think for the next one I will stick with the same lists with maybe a few tweaks based on my experiences at the weekend, that way I know my own lists better and can concentrate on the things I needed to do better, but it was definitely a fun day.
Khador Demolisher

To my shame I had to play with some unpainted models just purely because I just didn't have the time to paint enough to get me to 50pts. I did a Demolisher though as you can't really play Warjacks that haven't been stuck together and it would have been a nightmare to paint after sticking to together. Looking at the Khador army on the shelf I realise that I have a lot of Jacks for them but as a faction I very rarely play more than one Jack in a game.

On the 40K side of things I have been painting some more Daemons, mainly Tzeentch. I was going to stick pure Nurgle but it did lack a little something so I am looking to add a unit of 9 Screamers, a unit of Horrors and a couple of Heralds. I have finished the Heralds and Screamers already and am starting on the Horrors. I have a scheme that is nice and easy to paint and actually looks really good. To make the heralds I purchased the Tzeentch Chariot kit, this kit is great purely because of the options it gives you. With two boxes I have made a Herald on Disc, a Herald in a Chariot and I will stick have enough bits over to make an Exalted Flamer Chariot and Exalted Flamer on foot. I think thats great value and they are fantastic kits as well. I also picked up the new Greater Daemon of Khorne. I take one of these to each game I play with Daemons just incase one of my Heralds gets the Power that enables me to summon Greater Daemons. As I normally have a GD of Nurgle on the table I tend to summon the Bloodthirster, they can fly around and are more mobile than the rest of my army - plus they hit like a freight train. The new plastic kit really is awesome and I hope that they other Greater Daemons will be just as good when they are released.

Herald in a Chariot


Greater Daemon of Khorne

Inquisitor Thanorax
I have also painted an Inquisitor model for 40K. If you flip over to the Wynnjitsu page you can read all about him there.

We have also had Salute since I made the last entry, Salute is the biggest War-games show in the UK, if not the world. The really cool thing about Salute is that you get lots of vendors selling stuff that you can't normally get in a regular gaming store and you get to see models, games and accessories that you would never have otherwise known about. Some guys at my club in Brighton have recently been talking about doing some historical gaming. We are currently looking at a couple of options. I have some Hail Caesar models and we have played a game of that and found it very enjoyable but we also wanted to try some American Civil War. I was up for this bit wanted to try something a little different so we have opted to do this in 12mm. I have wanted to try something smaller scale for a while and whilst at Salute we found Kalistra Miniatures. They do some cracking 12mm ACW models and you could buy a basic army set for £40. I snapped some up and have painted one stand just to see how they look and I think they look great. The beauty of this scale is that it is relatively quick to paint and they look fantastic on the tabletop.

ACW Union 12mm

ACW Union 12mm

 As mentioned the other game we are playing at the moment is Hail Caesar, I have now painted up one unit of troops and a single stand of Cav. I stuck some other Infantry to bases just so we could get going with the game. We just played the starter set on a 4x4 to get a grip of the rules but I think it will be better played on a 6x4 with a bit of scenery on. It looks like one of those games where the movement and table tactics are more important that the actual fighting bit, hope to get some more games in soon.

Celt Geneal
Celt Cav
The Warmachine league continues at the Hemel Club. I am proud to say that I am currently on top of the rankings being the only play to be unbeaten at the moment. I have played all my games with Butcher3 and, unsurprisingly, won them all by assassination. You may think this is pretty cool, the downside is that I don't have any scenario points as I have not won any games on scenario, this means if I lose a game the players that have only lost one game generally have better scenario points. So I guess I just need to keep winning.

And finally - A new Space Marine codex has been released much to everyones surprise. Along with this an accessary sprue has been put out for each of the main chapters. As a devote Ultramarine player I grabbed on of these an painted up a new Sergeant with the new bits.

Ultramarine Sergeant.

Until next time...