Saturday, 29 August 2015

30K to 40K


It's all getting a bit mental on the hobby table at the moment. It's a subject I have talked about in the past but I am getting a bit swamped by new projects. As with many gamers I love the shiney, and am always getting carried away with new ideas before I have finished off my last great idea. I did a test at work the other day, it was one of those personality type profiles and it exposed something I have known myself for a long time. I am very good at starting things, finding solutions to problems coming up with novel and unique ideas. Sounds good right? What it also told me was that if you ever want anything finishing then don't give it to me - bummer right? 

However I did manage to finish one thing this month and that was a new crew for Malifaux. This also exposes another weakness of mine in that this is my second Malifaux crew, the first one is still unfinished in the case upstairs. But I digress. 

This is the Neverborn Swamp Hag, I picked it for a couple of reasons: -

1. There is a massive walking tree thing.
Swamp Hag Zoraida
2. Easy to paint.

I used the same painting method as I did for my Chaos Daemon army, white base coat followed by some washes. That enabled me to paint the main crew pretty quick then I just painted the a couple of other figures with a bit more attention to detail and the crew was done. I haven't managed to get them onto the table yet though so looking forward to that one. I did manage to paint one model for my other crew, Bette Noir for my Resurrectionists. She performed particularly well in her first game so I thought she deserved a paint job.

Zoraida, Bad JuJu and Voodoo Doll


Bette Noir - Resurectionists
My main focus has been back on 40K. I don't know what it is about 40K that just keeps dragging me back, I try to focus on other games but I just keep coming back to 40K. The thing with 40K is that the back story is awesome, the fluff is awesome and the models are awesome. That is a powerful trifecta of awesomeness.

30 Death Guard - Deathshroud Terminator
I have pretty much finished my Daemons, I still need to finish off a unit of Pink Horrors though and then I will put the Daemons to the side for a bit. My main focus at the moment is my Heretic guard army using the list from IA13 and my 30K Death Guard........ yes thats right 30K Death Guard. This is so new that I don't even have any models for them yet..... well kinda (edit - bought some at the weekend, first one painted).

I love the Death Guard, I have a growing 40K Death Guard army that has just had some Terminators added to it (see below) so it seemed the only real choice for 30K. The Horus Heresy models from Forge World are just so amazing I had to dip my toe in the water. A bunch of my friends have been playing it for a while so it was only a matter of time before I took the plunge. I have painted up one 30K model for the army, a while back I had the idea to do a 30K Mechanicum army but it never really took off. I bought a couple of models for it so I thought I would paint them up in DG colours to that they can serve along side them when its finished. This is the Castellax model, I toyed with the idea of spraying white and painting silver or black and then silver and painting the white. I went with the second option in the end. The white is the washed with a couple of coats of Earthshade (watered down). I think it looks good, appropriately murky for the battle fields of the 30K universe.

Death Guard Terminator
So back to 40K for the moment, this is the first Terminator for my 40K Death Guard army. This model was inspired by a model I saw in Visions magazine. Its basically a plastic Terminator body but with the front and head from the Blight Kings kit. I had to use some Green Stuff round the edges to model the two together but the fit is actually pretty good. This guy will probably be the "Sgt" in the unit. I have the Forge World conversation kit to make the rest of the Terminators suitably Nurgly and they will also fit in with the Plague Marines which also use the Forge World conversation kits. I haven't used that army much, I think I have only played one game with them. I'll have to try and get them on the table a bit more.

For the IA13 Heretic army I finished a couple of Tanks. The first is a Chimera transporter and the second a Leman Russ Executioner. As its a Nurgle themed Heretic Army I am just using a rusted scheme on the tanks. Its quick to paint and looks effective. This army is so close to completion, I just need to get a few more tanks and I am done (one of which is a Baneblade). It won't take much to finish but will be expensive. Traditionally its the infantry that take the longest time and those are all done as I am using the Traitor Guard models I made a decade ago (never throw anything away folks, you'll never know when you need it).

Leman Russ Executioner

Chimera and Executioner

This month I also dug out my Warhammer Fantasy Ogres. I have had these painted for a long time but I didn't really get into 8th edition so they have been stuck in a draw for a while. With the release of Age Of Sigmar I decided to get them out again to give the game a try. I have my first game at the club on Monday so i'll let you know how it goes over on the Age of Sigmar page of my Blog. I have just rebased some of the models onto round bases and to be honest they look so awesome on round bases. Why should the shape of the base make a difference? Who knows but I think the defiantly look better. There has been a lot of nerd rage on the Internet about Age of Sigmar but I am going to give it a go before I form an opinion. I have watched a few YouTube videos and from what I have seen it looks ok. But I don't have anything to lose, I wasn't ever going to play Warhammer again so at least there is a chance I'll get to use my Ogres for a bit.

My 12mm American Civil War army is taking shape. I have to admit to not getting through it as fast as I wanted too. In fact I have only added one more unit and another command piece. I think the mistake I am making (apart from getting distracted with other things) is that I have the whole army on my paint station just looking at me. It looks a lot and that can be off putting. Perhaps I should just put it away and have just a couple of units out.

Well I think thats about it for this one, keep an eye on the other pages for updates on things, I update those a bit more regularly with snippets of stuff.

Until next time....