Thursday, 24 September 2015

Stage One of my 30K DeathGuard

Hey Folks

Just a quick post to show off the first of my 30K Death Guard models. I have been eyeing up some of these for a long time with the idea of trying to integrate them into my 40K army but some buddies of mine are playing full on 30K games so I decided to take the plunge.

As I mention in my last post I was only ever going to play Death Guard, I have always gone Nurgle when it comes to 40K be it Marines, Daemons or Traitor Guard. Not sure why, maybe its a zombie thing or a modelling thing.

Having all these different armies following the same God also means you can mix and match armies and have some more interesting games, but I digress.

So it was with a fun heart that I headed up to Warhammer World one weekend to meet the guys and spend some money in the Forge World shop. The plan was to get one Troop Choice (tactical squad in MKIII) a transport for them (Rhino), a HQ in the form of Typhon and another tank of some kind (to be decided after talking with the boys). Well imagine my disappointment when basically everything was out of stock, not impressed especially as its the actual Forge World shop.......

They still had Typhon, so I picked him up, but I really wanted to get started on an infantry unit. After a bit of cabinet perusing I went with unit of Deathshroud Terminators to accompany Typhon onto the battlefield, seemed appropriate.

I wanted to get a tank as well, was contemplating a Vindicator Laser Destroyer but in the end went for a Sicaran Venator. Its a cool tank but it also has some funky rules, if it hits and pens then the target can only snap fire for the following turn, very useful. As mentioned it does look awesome as well.

Once home from Warhammer World I excitedly hit the paint station and within a week I have managed to get Typhon and the Deathshroud Terminators done. I was a bit nervous about the paint scheme, I tried it on a practise model first and it came out really well so I dived in on the Deathshroud. The stages are as follows: -

1. Undercoat with white spray.
2. Paint the details, so the Silver, Bronze and Green shoulder pads. Stiple on some Orange for a rust effect.
3. Wash the whole model with a 50/50 mix of Earthshade and Medium.
4. Stiple on the damage, I used a dark brown.
5. Wash again with 50/50 mix of Earthshade and Medium be take care that this layer doesn't pool too much.
6. Wash the metal parts with Nuln Oil.
7. Do some highlights on the metal.

Its a straight forward paint job but I think the affect looks really good - so here are the models.

Until next time...

Saturday, 12 September 2015


Hey Folks...

So I accidentally started a Deathwing army. My inability to finish anything and to start new projects on a whim is getting ridiculous.

I have wanted a Deathwing army for a long time, its been 15 years but I never got round to it. I think this is mainly due to the paint scheme. White/Bone is tricky to paint, well for me anyway and I have painted many test Deathwing models but never been totally happy with them. Of course there is no reason why I could not paint them another colour and use the rules for Deathwing, but I wanted the white look.

Development in paint has come a long way and now with the use of washes and medium I think I have been able to get the desired affect. I recently started a 30K Death Guard army and using a technigue of white undercoat with a wash/medium I got a white scheme that I really liked. Then a friend of mine was getting rid of a ton of models he didn't want (due to the same issues as me with starting projects) and I found myself in posession of two units of Deathwing Terminators. Along with the other models I have in boxes thats pretty much an army.

Having just painted the Death Guard in a scheme I liked I soon realized that a Deathwing army I  liked was no longer a distant dream. So I got to work on yet another test model and this time I think it looks good. I used the same method as I did with the Death Guard but only used one coat of the wash rather than two. I think two would have made it look too dirty, it keeps the model looking whiter which I prefer to my previous attempts which had a more bone colour.

So here is (finally) the Deathwing model I am happy with.

Deathwing Terminator

Until next time....