Sunday, 19 August 2018

Road to the doubles.

Hey Folks.

At the end of October my friend Paul and I will be attending the Age of Sigmar doubles event up at Warhammer World. My little gaming group has done a lot of the Doubles events but this is the first time that Paul and I will be teaming up. Paul plays a lot of Tzeentch and, to my shame, I have never beaten his Tzeentch with my Nurgle army, I have come close a few times but have never managed it. So what better than teaming up with my arch enemy?

Now for you fluff bunnies out there I know that it isn’t totally a match made in heaven, and being more of a fluff player I totally get that, but Tzeentch is always scheming, so what can you do?

The Armies.
On paper it’s actually a pretty good combination. When I play Nurgle against Tzeentch one of the main issues I face is that my magic gets shut down and I don’t have any shooting. One of the weaknesses of Tzeentch is that if an army gets to you and starts hitting you its pretty much over so the Nurgle/Tzeentch combo works well as one army makes up for the weakness in the other.

Paul is going with: -
Lord of Change.
Ogroid Thaumaturge.
10 Acolytes.
10 Acolytes.
3 Enlightened on Discs.
Witchfire Coven Battalion.

Gutrot Spume.
Festus the Leechllord.
10 Blightkings.
5 Blightkings.
5 Blightkings.
Chronomatic Cogs.
Soulsnare Shackles.

The Tzeentch half gives us a good magic phase, and hopefully the ability to stop the opponents phase. We have a couple of objective camping units in the Acolytes that can also shoot twice a turn (thanks to the Battalion) and a couple of fast moving hitters. The Enlightened are pretty good at taking out certain types of unit and are fast, the Ogriod can also do a ton of damage.

The Nurgle half is less complicated, point it at something you want to destroy and smash it. I love Blightkings, in combat they are total monsters. Festus will follow behind the unit of 10 and keep them healed, he can also cast Blades of Putrefaction which is an amazing spell. Gutrot can bring a unit on from any table edge, so depending on the scenario or if the opponent has some shooting at the back we don’t like, then that ability will come in useful. We don’t need to use it every game, it will very much depend on what we are facing. Chronometic Cogs will give everyone +2 move, if we can get this out first turn and combined with a Nurgle Tree we have a big threat in a turn 1 charge, next turn switch it to give the Tzeentch wizards some extra spell casting. I had 20pts left in the Nurgle half which is why the Shackles are there, potentially useful in certain situations.

So that’s the list at the moment. We’ll be trying it out over the next few weeks to see how it performs. I can’t really see us changing it much as 1000pts doesn’t give you much wiggle room. I am really looking forward to trying this out, I normally take horde style armies so taking a more elite army will be new for me.

As far as models go all I needed to do was paint up ten more Blightkings and that wouldn’t take long. I have a style for Nurgle stuff pretty much pinned down and I can crack out the models at a pretty good rate, plus there is plenty of time before the tournament.

I’ll post up info on the practise games and models as we go.

Until next time…

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