Friday, 22 March 2013

Nurgle Inspiration Part 2

Hey folks,

Sorry I have been away for a while, I have been having a bit of a hobby break. I think its good to step away from the paint brushes for a while and recharge the creative batteries.

So whats happening? Well I crashed out of the 40K tourney I was playing in, my Quarter Final was against a Daemon army (OLD BOOK) that was designed to fight power armour and I got wiped. Flamers are just amazing, especially against a low body count power armour army. I thought I had a good plan to win the game but by the end of turn three I was pretty much done.

Nurgle Warband.
So that leads me onto what I have been up to lately. The new Daemon Codex is out and this has made up my mind on what I am going to do with the Nurgle models I painted up a few months ago. The new Daemon book has made mono God armies much more feasible so this is what I am going to do. The book has changed Daemons into much more of a horde type army, the basic Troop choices got a little nerfed in terms of abilities but have been reduced in points. What they lost in abilites they can get back through the use of Heralds with Gifts/Rewards etc. The new book doesn't have any immediate "must have" units (except Soul Grinders) and it really makes you think about the list. Of course going mono makes life easier but even then you have to really think about how you build your units etc. I have read through the book a couple of times and have an idea of the build I want, I just need to sit down and point it up.

What this does give me the chance to use is my ForgeWorld Plaguehulk, I bought the model when it came out at Gamesday a few years back, its a lovely model, basically a big Nurgle Daemon on a Soul Grinder chassis. I painted this using the same technique as the previous Nurgle models and I am really pleased with it. The skin is just a White Undercoat and then several layers of washes with some detail picked out. The metal is the basic Boltgun metal with a Bronze and Orange motel effect which is then washed. This gives a really nice rust effect. I will be getting second one soon which I will convert slightly to make it look different, maybe taking off the sword arm and putting the big Powerclaw on there from the plastic Soul Grinder kit which comes when you order the ForgeWorld model.

The rest of the list will be made up of large units of Plaguebearers, Beasts of Nurgle and a Greater Daemon. I am leaving the Greater Daemon to the end in the hope that GW release the rumoured new plastic kit. I would like to get the ForgeWorld one, but if there is a new plastic kit coming out I suspect it will be pretty awesome.

The club is running a game at Salute this year and some of my new Nurgle models will be making an appearance as part of that game. If your there make sure you come and say hello.

Until next time...