Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Release the Kraken!!!!!

So it's 2013 and Christmas is done. I managed to have a few days off over the festive period and finished off a few models and started some new projects to add to all the others that are on the go.

Recently I have been really getting into Warmachine, it's one of those games thats easy to learn to play, but to really master it and get good at it takes a lot of time. My Cryx army has been expanding nicely over the last couple of years and has just got a big boost in the form of the Kraken. The latest expansion to Warmachine - Colossals adds giant Warjacks to the game, these machines are huge and powerful but do rack up the points meaning the rest of the army will be a little light so you still have to be careful how you play it and it isn't an automatic choice. However, the model is just too awesome not to play on a regular basis. When I first saw the model I wasn't instantly taken with it, but once assembled and a bit of paint thrown on it I have come to really like it, especially when it smashes face and takes out other Heavy Warjacks in one go.

I have also painted up a new Warcaster for Cryx army - The Witch Coven of Garlghast, you can see from the picture below the sheer size of the Kraken next to the Witch Coven.

Also this month, also in a way influenced by the Warmachine Colossals release I have started looking at Khador as an alternative faction, at the moment I just have the starter set as I wanted to paint up a couple of the models first to see how they looked. The Conquest which is the Khador Colossal is one of the best model releases of 2012, so I am going to build a Khador army so I can get one. This will be a slow burn project and I will build/paint when I have some down time or fancy a change from other projects. So this is the first model completed, the test piece really. 

And finally this month I finished of some more Nurgle Daemon models, I am not really sure what I am going to do with these, maybe build my 40K Daemons up a bit, or maybe diverge into a Chaos Marine/Daemon army. I really like the look of these, the models but also the paint scheme and I want to use them somehow.

Until next time... 


  1. Dude, the figures are looking awesome and the quality of the pics is really good!

    1. Not bad for an iPad, for taking pictures of models it works really well. Just two bits of white card and a desk lamp. Its not perfect but as I have limited space it works very well.