Sunday, 20 January 2013

Nurgle Dilemma.

Hey Folks.

Following on from my recent Nurgle Inspiration post I have pretty much painted all the Nurgle models I currently have and I think they look awesome. So this brings me to a bit of a dilemma - what to do with them?

There are a few options : -

1. Build a complete 1850 Nurgle Daemon army.
2. Build an 1850 Daemon army with Nurgle stuff mixed in.
3. Build an 1850 Chaos Marine army with some Nurgle Daemon allies.

I would like to do an all Nurgle army as I think they would look really cool and, as we all know, I do like a good theme but from a competitive view point the army would be very limited and maybe a little boring to play. 40K is now very much a shooting game and in that respect Daemons are very limited. However rumour has it that there is going to be a new Daemon Codex out very soon which could change things.

A mixed Daemon army can be competitive and I have most of the models for this kind of build. I have mixed feelings about the mixed Daemons, the original fluff about Daemons that was written into the original "Slaves to Darkness" and the "Lost and the Damned" books explained how Daemons allied to certain gods would not fight in an army with Daemons from other gods, of course in the game that 40K is GW would be limiting people and potentially limiting sales if they kept this in place, but for someone who read those books and knows the background the mixed Daemon list still goes against that subliminal message in the back of the mind that Khorne and Tzeentch would never fight together no matter how good Fateweaver with a unit of Khorne Bloodcrushers sounds.

A Chaos/Daemon allies army could be cool, Plague Marines and PlagueBearers etc. I have knocked up a couple of army lists and I am not keen on the builds, you don't get much once you have factored in the points needed for the allies. There are some great combos, Plague Marines with Epidemius allied in is a great combination, also pile in a massive unit of Cultists and then when the Tally hits 20 those cultists are going to be ripping apart everything they come into contact with.

So..... many options there, I love the way these models look, the painting technique was a real eye opener for me, I tend to paint everything in a particular style and this was very much a different technique for me and I think it looks great and a whole army of Nurgle Daemons would look really cool.

I have other 40K armies, and those are designed to be more competitive, so I think based on this I am going to go down the all Nurgle route, it will be an army based on aesthetics rather than competitiveness and I will probably take my time in anticipation of a new Codex coming out in the near future.

So here are the models. 

Essentially the paint scheme is a White undercoat with various washes applied to the skin areas. After this the details are picked out in appropriate colours. Its really simple and very quick and it looks very striking. 

Until next time...

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