Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Frostgrave is back.

Hey Folks.

My club are starting a Frostgrave campaign soon, I really like this game, I have played it a few times but not to any real depth so I am really looking forward to the campaign and getting a few solid games in.

I do have a Warband modelled up using some spare GW figures I had lying around but I wasn't totally happy with it. It was painted ok and the models were fine but it was a bit thrown together. So its a new campaign - time for a new Warband.

I was going to go with an all female Warband and I picked up a few suitable models but, truth be told, there isn't a vast range of female models but I kept looking. I recently went to a wargames show in Derby and stumbled across a few models that I instantly thought would make an excellent Frostgrave Warband so I kinda ditched the female idea although I will still use a couple of the models in the new Warband.

I wanted to stay away from GW models this time, this isn't a GW game and I wanted it to not look and feel like a GW game so I am using models from other manufacturers. There isn't a theme so much but there is a certain look about the Warband that makes them all fit in. The main wizard and some of the Warband like Barbarians etc will be Dwarf models. I also found some great Halfling models which I will use as Archers and Men at Arms and the Treasure Hunters will come from Frostgrave warriors box. My apprentice will be one of the female models I picked up. It has a very "fantasy/Lord of the Rings" feel to it as you have a mix of races, the GW models I was using were a bit "human". They are also slightly smaller than the GW stuff and I just think they have a nice look to them.

As its only a small campaign we are starting with 1000gps so I could go straight in with a fairly decent Warband. So my initial composition will be: -

Home Base - Inn (allows 11 total in the Warband).
Treasure Hunter.
Treasure Hunter.
Man at Arms.
Man at Arms.

I think this build is pretty good. I have a solid firebase of three warriors with Bows. These guys can get into position with the help of a wizardly leap and shot a few people up. The Ranger also adds a little versatility. I was going to go with a third Archer instead of a second Treasure Hunter but I think its too much and leaves me short up the field.

The Barbarians will just get forward as fast as possible and try and hit stuff. The Treasure Hunters and Men at Arms will work as a pair, the Treasure Hunter getting forward the the Treasure with a Man at Arms bodyguard who will hang around and protect the retreating Treasure Hunter once the he has his stash.

The Ranger can also go for Treasure as well as he is fairly fast moving too.

At the time of writing I have finished a few models, one of the Archers, the Apprentice, the Ranger and one of the Treasure Hunters. I was hoping to get the whole group finished before the campaign started I am travelling to Argentina for a couple of weeks so I don't think I am going to finish.

So these are the models that I have finished so far.

From left to right. Treasure Hunter, Apprentice, Ranger, Archer.

The Treasure Hunter is a battle hardened man with worldly experience.
The Apprentice - the young girl with power making her way in the world.
The Ranger is agile, nimble (I know the model is a little un PC).
The Halfling Archer - not to be underestimated.

I really like all these models, they have a lot of character to them and work well together I think.

I'll post up progress on the Warband and how the games are going in the next few weeks.

Until next time.