Saturday, 23 June 2012

Here today Skorne tomorrow.

Hi Folks

I am off on my travels again for a few weeks working in Taiwan, so hobby time will have to take a break for a while, so thought I would just post up something before going. I have again been a little distracted and have moved off my painting plan. The Ork Mek models have been finished and I now have a completed list of Kans and Deff Dreds and i'll post up some pictures of them when I return. Over the last week I have been distracted by some Warmachine/Hordes stuff and this was compounded by a recent visit to my mothers..... I am originally from Burton On Trent and there is an amazing games shop there called Spirit Games. I spent much of my pocket money in this shop when I was a lad and its a gamers dream, I can spent hours (and a lot money given the chance) in there, they have everything for every game system there is. Right from D&D books, board games, card games, every miniatures game system the full works. If there was a gamers paradise then this place is it, if you are ever in that neck of the woods then you need to pay them a visit, just make sure you take a credit card.

So when I went to see my mother I thought I would pop in and have a browse, well browsing turned to buying when I found that they had a Skorne starter set and the faction book. I have been thinking about starting a Horde faction for a while and I really love the Skorne models, the war beasts are amazing models and some of the Warrior units are pretty awesome too. So with my resistance slowly slipping away and 60 quid burning a hole in my back pocket I left the shop with the smell of the old game shop of my youth in my nostrils and a bunch of new models to paint, because I figured the large pile of unpainted models in boxes I have wasn't enough already.

The box comes with the caster and two Cyclops light war beasts and one heavy war beast, I thought I would start by just painting one of the light beasts. This set contains the plastic versions of the models and I haven't painted up any of the plastics yet so was interested to see what they are like. I have to say, I am not that impressed, they are still great models but its not like the GW plastic, its a kind of resin type plastic. Not quite FW resin, but almost in-between true plastic and resin, it has almost a rubbery feel. It took a lot of cleaning, and I hate cleaning models and probably didn't do it justice as I was eager to get paint on the thing.

The paint also goes on a bit shiny, of course this can be cured with a coat of matt varnish, this model isn't varnished yet as it was raining when I finished and you should never varnish when there is moisture in the air as it can make the varnish go cloudy and ruin your newly painted model. I went for a traditional Skorne paint scheme of gold rimmed red armour. I am pleased with the result and am looking forward to getting the rest of the starter set done so I can have my first battles on the Horde side.

Until next time...

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Mek Daddy

I seem to be somewhat in the zone at the moment hobby wise, although my painting plan has gone a bit out of the window. I was planning on putting all my attention into finishing my Ogres but then the new Ork planes came out and I have been sucked into painting some more 40K stuff. So work continues on my new themed Mek army and I have finally finished the second Mek. This model is the Forge World Mek released a couple of years back, I got it the day is was available and in typical fashion it has sat undercoated on the paint station since then. Its a great model, full of detail and character. In the game I am going to use him as a KFF Mek armed with a Power Klaw, although not actually armed with a PK the pack he has on his back does have a Klaw on it as well as a flashy light (KFF) so the choice of gear fits the model nicely, its almost like the Ork equivalent of a Tech Marine with servo harness.

The paint job was actually pretty straight forward as most of the model is metal. The skin is goblin green with a thrakka green wash and then a couple of lighter green highlights. The metal is my traditional bolter/bronze dry brush and then black wash followed by a couple of silver highlights. Then the detail picked out at the end.

I think he will look pretty cool in amongst the Killa Kans and with his Power Kaw and Cybork body isn't too shabby in combat either, especially if he has some of his Killa Kan friends to help him out.

I have also built the last three Kans to bring my total up to nine, I went for a Big Shoota and two Grotzokka's in the end, this will give me a unit of three with rockets, three with Grotzokka's and then a unit with two Big Shootas and one Burna. This is a nice variety that can target vehicles, and large units of infantry, hopefully the Grotzokka's will achieve accuracy through volume.

I have also built the second plane, in true Orky fashion i basically stuck all the guns and bombs on it I could from the kit and left overs from the first kit. I put the wing extensions on (where the guns are) and also the extra fuel tanks on the end of the wings, I wanted the wings to look as long as they could to give it that real bomber feel  and to make it look bigger compared to the first that has more of a fighter look. I also added so extra bits on the tail fin to add to the bomber effect.

Hopefully I will have the Kans and the extra plane painted up in the next couple of weeks to take to the field at the next club day. 

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Mek it up.....

The recent release of the new Ork flyer has inspired me to look at my 40K Ork's again. They have been in a fairly completed state for a while (of course no army is ever complete) and I have been waiting for the new edition before taking a look at them again, but the new Ork flyer got the Ork juices flowing again.

I have been using the Orks in a speed freak configuration for a long time and had some great success but a lot of the new Codex releases have let the Orks a little behind so I thought it was time to try something different. One theme I have had in the back of my mind for a long time is the Mek theme, basically this means taking a couple of Big Meks as HQs and then lots of Killa Kans and Deff Dreds. I have the basics of the army already and just needed a few models to get the basics of the Mek list in place.

All I need to paint up is :-

1. An extra Big Mek.
2. An extra Deff Dred.
3. An additional unit of Killa Kans.

This will give me the basic two Meks, two Deff Dreads and three units of three Killa Kans. I am still thinking of only using two units of Kans with the third Heavy being a unit of Artillary, but to start I think I will use the three Kan units and see how it goes. As to what the rest of the list will be, still to be determined. First things first is to get the extra models needed to complete the backbone of the list.

So the first model to hit the paint station was the second Deff Dred. My first Dred is armed with four Close Combat weapons, for the second Dred I have decided to go with two CCW's, a Big Shoota and a Burna. This allows the Dred to take on tanks in close combat but also deal with units of troops thinning them down before charging in.

So with the Dred completed it's on to the new unit of Kans.