Sunday, 18 January 2015

I hate GW (they make me buy models).

...... but not for the reasons you think.

Hey folks. 

I am buried knee deep in boxes of models and its because I can't stick with one system. Lots of people I know just play one or two systems and concentrate on those, I just can't seem to be able to do this. 

Our hobby seems to be booming at the moment. If there was ever a "golden age" I think its now. There are some great systems out there right now with Bolt Action, Warmachine, Malifaux etc and I am into them all but GW are just flying right now. Some people might say that their rules systems are not that tight and that their pricing structure is high. But what keeps me coming back to them time and time again is that their models are simply amazing - and no one can argue that. I also love the back ground it is so detailed and it allows so many oppotunities in army design and conversion its untrue. 

Example - I am in the process of finishing my 40K Chaos Army. For Christmas I got the new Imperial Army book that features a Heretic Army list. This has just opened a whole new list of themes and possibilities for my Chaos force its untrue and I suspect that my wallet will feel the pain - who wouldn't want a unit of 40 Plague Zombies with their Chaos Marines? (doesn't help that I am in the middle of watching the Walking Dead either).

Ku'garth the GUO  of Nurgle.
So what has happened this month? Well I finished the Glotkin model, I am going to use this as a Great Unclean one, specifically the character GUO Ku'garth. I rocked him out at the club this week he managed to avoid the new model curse and he didn't die to the first shot of the game. He managed to romp up the pitch and smash up a few Tau.

I have continued to work on my Chaos Space Marines with the target of getting them finished soon, I am focused... honest. I have finished the Predator and the Lord on a bike and the Biker unit. I am still not totally decided on a list wether to go totally Marine or to ally in some Daemons or Renegade Guard Units.

Talking about Renegade units I have been trawling through the Imperial Armour 13 book which is focused on Imperial Renegades. Many years ago GW release a book called "The Eye of Terror" I think which had a Renegade list in and I built an army using Imperial Guard and Zombie plastics. Its been in a box for years but the IA13 book as allowed me to unpack it and see what I have got. I have put together a list using the book and I have all the models apart from a couple of tanks so I suspect its an army that will hit the table soon. As mentioned earlier I can also use them as allies to my new Marines so I suspect this will be a very Nurglely year.



Nurgle Chaos Lord on Bike

Burgle Bike Unit

Some.... err.... Zombies.
So before I got focused on finishing the Marines I bought a box of Zombies and stuck a bunch together. There is just something cool about a bunch of Zombies on the table top and being a big fan of the Zombie film genre I can't wait and using the IA13 rules they will have a 4+ FNP save!!! Even I know thats pretty awesome.

Also this month (again before I got focused) I painted a Blood Angel Dreadnaught.... I got a bit distracted in GW when the new Blood Angles codex was released..... maybe a new army project for the future. I also painted Sanguinary Priest... I know... focus (but it is a lovely model).

Blood Angels Librarian Dreadnaught. 

Sanguinary Priest

Back to the Nurgle theme for a moment. One of the questions I am still debating with the Nurgle Daemon army is Daemon Prince/Soul Grinder or two Daemon Princes. Well I have tried the first option for a bit so now I am going to  give the second one a go. This meant painting another Daemon Prince. The model below I have had since it was first released, I can't remember when that was but it was a long time ago, at least ten years. This is the original metal model and it didn't come with wings. When I stuck it together I did it as it came out of the box, so I had to pull off the two parts of the backpack and I can tell you that ten year old superglue is solid. Once off I attached some wings from the LotR Balrog kit and modelled some Green Stuff round the joins. Paint was then applied with the same scheme as I have used for the Daemons, this fella also has some armour so I used the same scheme as I have been doing for my Chaos Marines.

Daemon Prince of Nurgle.

Daemon Prince of Nurgle.
And finally...... Still on a bit of a Lord of the Rings kick I dug out Gwaihir from my model archive. This is again another model I have had since release, this is the original metal, not the new Finecast. I have got a game of LotR lined up at the end of Feb, still not sure what army to take but it might have an Eagle them.

Until Next time...