Saturday, 22 November 2014

One thing leads to another.

Hi all.

So following on from my last post about Daemons I have gone off on another tangent. I still have a big of a pile of models from various "in process" projects but I have again diverged from my "list" and started another project. I am on a bit of a Nurgle kick at the moment (as you may have noticed) and have accidentally started a 40K Chaos Marine army.

I was playing around with my Daemon list and in one version I added a unit of Plague Marines as I have a half finished unit of them lying around. I thought a bit of shooting might help. Well after looking at it for a while I didn't think it was a really a goer but it did make me think about an actual Chaos Marine list. I have a nice paint scheme for Plague Marines as I had painted up a few models for allies in various other lists so one thing lead to another.....

It initially started because I was trying to finish the things I had started, so I was painting the Plague Marines and I bought a Rhino for them and really liked the way it looked. I also have a bunch of Chaos Imperial guard models from a previous army that I can use as Cultists so the actual army won't take that much work. The final nail in the new army coffin was that the manager of my local GW gave me a discount on a bunch of models as a wedding present. How could I refuse?

Chaos Rhino
So now I was committed I logged onto the Forge World site and ordered a couple of the Plague Marine conversion kits as the FW Marines are way better than the Finecast ones. I have finished the first squad along with their Rhino and these are pictures below. This army is going to have a few vehicles in which is different for me as I don't really use vehicles much so a Vindicator and a Pred are next on the paint table. I am allying in some of the Daemons as well. The Marine list is pretty light on troops so I am taking a couple of Heralds hoping that I can summon a few units of Plaguebearers to make up the numbers and "park the bus" on some objectives.

Plagues Marines

Chaos Rhino

Chaos Vindicator

Chaos Vindicator

Plague Marines
Painting wise I am a good way through the list so it should be completed in a month or so.

Malifaux - Resurectionist Nurses.
I have also painted up a few other things this month, I have made some progress on my Malifaux crew by completing a couple of Undead Nurses. I still haven't played this game yet but have lined up a game with one of the club members that is knowledgeable on the rules. I love the models for this game, they are very different to anything else that is on the market.

My club in Brighton also ran its first "Con" recently (more on this in another post) and Warlord had a sales stand there which meant that I had to make some purchases. A Stug was added to my Bolt Action Germans which are still waiting to be painted, although I have painted the Stug. I also bought a starter set for Hail Cesar. This is an historical game whose rule set is very similar to GW's old Warmaster Game. I will be sticking these together ASAP so I can get a game in. Again the models are cool, they aren't the best quality models on the market but they are nice, and when they are ranked up look good.


So its been a pretty good month.

Until next time...

P.S. Look out for the two new tabs detailing my "Year of........." projects.