Sunday, 5 January 2014

Return of the Nurgle

Hey Folks.... Its been a while since the last post, house moving is a pain and seems to take a lot longer than you think it will. I am still in the process of getting everything setup, I have a painting desk finally so have started to paint again after a long break. The man cave has been done, well the basics anyway. Only one casualty - one of my display cases door shattered on the way up the stairs, not sure what happened but it was roughly 5 minutes after I had said "I got these from Argos and they have lasted ages".

What I have done is made a decision - I need to finish off one of my semi completed 40K projects and the most advanced is my Nurgle Daemons. Its so close to completion that it won't take much to get it done. I have been playing with a few list ideas but for this army I am just going to go with what I like the look of, not going to pay too much attention to whats powerful or the latest net list.

Having looked at the net lists they seem to revolve around maxed out flying Daemon Princes with minimal troops and some allied Chaos Space Marines to allow access to a Helldrake. I would love a Helldrake in the army as the one thing my list is going to lack is the ability to deal with flyers but this is just something I am going to have to try and deal with. I will have a couple of Soul Grinders that can shoot flyers but not sure how affective they will be.

The reason I don't like the maxed out DP lists are they just look lope sided, why would an army have all the most power things but minimal troops? It just doesn't look right to me.

So this is the 1850 list I am going to start with, still a few points left as I need to decide on Icons and Gifts.

Ku'gath Plaguefather.
Daemon Prince (Wings).
Soul Grinder.
Soul Grinder.
5 or 6 Plague Drones.
3 Beasts of Nurgle.
10 Plaguebearers.
10 Plaguebearers.
10 Plaguebearers.
10 Plaguebearers.
10 Plaguebearers.
7 Nurglings.

I am going for the Horde approach as thats what I think Daemons would do, open a rift and then pile through. I went for Ku'gath as I want to use the Forge World model and its suitably impressive that it could only be Ku'garth. Plus he also has a useful ranged attack as well as being rock hard.

The flying DP can zip around and take out those hard to reach targets as the rest of the army is slow, he can also help to deal with flyers.

The Soul Grinders also have a Skyfire attack so can help out on the flyer front, the Phlegm Cannon is also good against infantry and they are good at taking out hard targets in close combat.

The Flies can run up the pitch and help to get some accurate deep strikes with icons and are also pretty good in combat.

Then lots of troops in the form of Plaguebearers. These will go for objectives, the only concern is not running Heralds to give them Feel No Pain. As the PB's lack any real damage output and with there being so many I am thinking the points spent on Heralds could be used on other things.

The Nurglings are there because I think they look cool and why not use them.

So thats the list, I don't think its going to be mega competitive in the current game which is dominated by shooting but I think as an army it will look awesome. As I mentioned before I have pretty much got all the models already so there won't be much to buy and with the paint scheme I have it won't take a lot of work to get it to the table. With the other armies I was considering (Deathwing or Eldar) I would basically be starting from scratch.


So work has begun, Christmas has just come and gone and Santa was kind. The Forgeworld Greater Daemon model, three Plague Toads and a Plague Drone were deposited in my stocking. Also got some vouchers which meant I could purchase the extra Plague Drones and Nurglings. So I think I have all the models I need.

I managed to finish the Greater Daemon over the Christmas holidays. Plague Toads (which I will be using as Beasts) are next.

Forgeworld Greater Daemon of Nurgle. 
Until next time...

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