Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Beast and the Beast 09

Hey Folks.

Have managed to get another couple of bits painted this week. Have pretty much finished setting up the Man Cave in the new house but after taking a couple of pictures I am not so happy with the camera setup. I used to use a desk lamp, in the new Man Cave I thought I would try with natural light but the pictures don't look so good, so bare with me whilst I work on getting a setup I like.

So nothing major in this blog post just a couple of updates.

I have made many references to my hobby butterfly tendencies and making lists and I have basically failed. So my resolution this year was to finish one 40K army (the Daemons). I have employed technology in the form of an app called Wunderlist and am noting down the models I am going to paint in order, ticking them off when complete. I am hoping the application of the technological list will help.

So first tick on the list was the Beasts of Nurgle. I am using three in the army and model wise I am going to use the Nurgle Plague Toads from Forge World. They are great models and full of Nurgle flavour, although a bit bigger than the standard model I am just going to use them anyway as they just look too awesome.

Beasts of Nurgle.
 Simple models but just so full of character.

This next model isn't on the list but I actually painted it some time ago but didn't get chance to take a picture. This is Beast09, a fantastic Khador Warjack. I am trying a couple of new casters one of them being Sorcha, this is her Jack. I like to use character Warjacks for the appropriate caster as it just adds a bit of fluff.

Beast 09
I tried him out for the first time last night and he was pretty awesome, he just walked up to a Menoth Heavy and toasted it in one go with a little help from Sorcha's feat. He is very much an all rounder, he can take infantry with Thresher, he charges for free, he can boost all his hits for the cost of one focus, has reach and with a boost from Sorcha has an effective threat range of 11 inches, whats not to love?

Until next time...

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