Monday, 14 October 2013

FoW (zee Germans)

Hey Folks...

Just a quick one with a picture of my finished Flames of War Germans. I don't really have the photo setup right now to take decent close ups of 6mm so here is a large group shot. This is the contents of the Open Fire starter set, I will probably paint up the yanks at some point but I have this real thing for German tanks, I think they look loads better than the Allies.

I am not too familiar with the correct terms of FoW yet but the army is basically: -

1. A command group with rocket launcher support.
2. Two units of Rifle/Machine Gun teams.
3. Two PaK40's.
4. Three Stugs (Tank Hunter Tanks).

Pretty easy to paint allow the Infantry was a bit of a grind but I really like the way the look when finished. I have my first game lined up in a couple of weeks so will spend a bit of time flicking through the rule book, I have plans on how to expand this army so will see how the first game goes and then expand from there.

Until next time...

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