Monday, 17 February 2014

A Fly on the wall.

Hi Folks

So I have been away from the keyboard for a while, in a strange twist of fate I have actually had a bit of a social life the last few weekends so blog posting time hasn't been so abundant, GTA5 may have a bit to do with it as well.

As I may have mentioned (once or twice) I recently moved house. During the time leading up to this myself and my Mrs had to have the "conversation", where was my painting setup going to go? Andrea wanted this to be a "grown-up house" and as I had my own Man-Cave all gaming related objects should be placed here. I then mentioned that I like to paint in the evenings so if the painting was to go in the Man-Cave we really wouldn't see each other that much. This kicked off a long process which I believe is known as - compromise. I suggested a writing desk style piece of furniture, a bureau. this allowed me all the space I needed, could be tucked away in a corner and also could be closed up to hide all the toys when our grown-up friends came round for dinner. So here is the current painting setup.

Everything you see in the rather messy state can be packed away within the bureau and be out of sight but it actually gives you a lot of storage and space to paint. As you can see I am in the middle of my second Soul Grinder for the Daemons and there are a couple of Khador bits waiting in the wings. It wasn't a cheap option at £200 but it should last a long time and its something I'll get a lot of use out of.

So onto hobby stuff, the main hobby related thing I have been doing over the last few weeks is buying stuff, this is both good and bad. How can this be bad you ask yourself? Well, I have spoken before about my tendencies to start projects and then get half way through and have another idea and then start something else, well this has lead to me having  a large collection of unopened boxes lying around. I had actually managed to get the pile down a bit but it does seem to be creeping back up again.

The reason for my splurge is that I managed to get to Dark Sphere in London, its a really cool shop that sells everything so I bought a few bits for Warmachine and some stuff for Flames of War, I am not a massive fan of ordering stuff from the Internet, I like to look at it, a rather old fashioned view I know. Game shops are also a dying breed and I like to support them when possible.

I have been keeping up with the plan to finish off my Daemon Nurgle army by completing the Plague Flies unit bringing it up to five strong including a banner. Next is the Soul Grinder (using the Forge World model). Once this is done it just leaves me a bunch more Plague Bearers and then it comes to the final few points. Originally I was going to go for a Daemon Prince but I am having second thoughts. I need some decent air defense so I am submitting to the beard in me and going with some Chaos Marine allies so I can get a Helldrake into the list. I am, however, going to do something different with the model so it fits in the rest of the army, its an ambitious conversion I have in mind but if it works out it should be stunning, i'll keep you posted.

Epic Sorcha
I have also been painting up a few Warmachine bits on the side. I have been playing a lot of Epic Sorcha lately but using the Prime model but during one of my recent trips to an indie model shop I managed to pick up the Epic version. She is a great caster and her feat is truly devastating when played at the right moment, in a recent game Beast09 managed to totally destroy one Menoth Heavy Jack and take three quarters of the boxes off another, brutal.

A while back I also picked up the starter set for the new Convergence of Cyriss, I quite liked the look of the models and the paint scheme is pretty easy, I haven't put a lot of time into the painting them, I am just looking to get them on the table asap. I am not really sure on tactics with these chaps yet but with the battle box caster and the faction in general its all about the Jacks (Vectors) which is pretty different to my Khador which is basically a one                                                                                             Jack army.

Convergence of Cyriss

Last but not least I painted up Durgen Madhammer, I have had a bunch of Rhulic models for several years but they have just sat in a box. Whilst not the most powerful army I loved the Dwarf models and with the release of the new Rhulic colossal I decided to dig them out and give them a bit of love, I can always use Rhulic units with my Khador army as well so they have a dual purpose. Durgen is a great model with a ridiculously large hammer and also a fairly substantial gun for such a little fella. His spell list is kinda cool and his feat can be brutal but you need to build a list with these specific spells in mind otherwise he won't do too well. I would like to get some Rhulic stuff done so will do the odd bit here and there when the mood strikes.

Durgen Madhammer

So what's next? I will carry on with the 40K Daemons, they are so close to being finished and it will be nice to have them done. Not sure what to do after that, I have a bunch of Khador bits to do and some Flames of War so will probably get those bits done. Although if rumor has it then 40K Knights are about to hit so that might be worth looking into. I have always loved the back story to the Mechanicum and have been eyeing up some of the Forge World models so will be interesting to see what that release brings. 

Until next time... 

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