Saturday, 5 October 2013


Hey Folks

Trying to get as much Hobby in as possible at the moment. I should be moving house in a few weeks so I suspect my hobby time might get reduced for a while after the move. The bonus is that the house we are moving to is only 50ft way so moving should be fairly pain free, I also get my own man-cave too. I am hoping this will give me enough space to put in some kind of video setup so I can do some model 360 vids. But I need to fully plan out the room first.

So whats been going on? Well I have had my second and third games in the Warmachine tourney against Dave and his Cryx and Andrew and his Gators. Dave put his army on the table and my first thought was that I had no chance of winning. Dave had a couple of Units of Banes, Nyss and Goreshade ready to summon another Bane unit. He also had a couple of fast moving jacks and Tartar Sauce to get Banes back if I managed to kill any. I was using my more sensible army but looking at the sheer number of Weapon Master Banes I thought I was going to get smashed. But I always have a good game against Dave so I set about trying to do my best.

I got lucky early game, my Widowmakers shot up the Nyss and then they ran away. Dave's first charge against my Man-O-War failed to do much thanks to some bad dice rolls on Dave's part and a couple of passed Tough tests for me. The Man-O-War with a damage boost buff managed to dispatch most of the Banes in front of them and then the Winterguard hiding behind them managed to take out a few more. I feated which prevented Dave from charging and then my shooting managed to take out enough of the remaining Banes to reduce Dave's damage output to non-threat levels. It was a tense game but I played a lot better in this game, thinking about my own strengths and plan and not letting the other army freak me out into a change of plan. It worked and I also got a bit of luck. In the end it was a bit of a slaughter, I lost the Man-O-War and a couple of Winterguard, Dave was left with his caster.

I also managed to get a win against Andrews Gators winning on scenario. This was just a game of attrition, two armies grinding it out against each other and I came out ahead. The Gators are good but their model count was low and my Khador can take hits as well as dishing out the pain. The Gators were good and difficult to get rid of, but once they started falling each model lost was a real hit for the army.

Model wise I have put together a couple of new casters (pVald and pButcher) and made a start on the Warjack Drago. I also put together Gorman de Wolfe and Eyriss, I used them for the first time in a game in Brighton and really liked them, they may have to find a space in more of my Khador armies. After these guys I will probably leave the Khador for a while, I am still after a Behemoth and War Wagon so if I see those models around I will pick them up. I did manage to finish my Spriggan although he is yet to take the field in anger.

 I continue to work on the Flames of War starter set Germans and have completed the command section. I have also painted up a couple more Bolt Action models, again completing my German commander unit. I also put together my first infantry unit and they are on the paint station ready and waiting.

Bolt Action German Command

GW released the new Space Marine codex this month, so I picked that up as well as a box of the new Centurions. I didn't like these when I first saw them but the real models are better than the pictures. It took a while for me to decide how to arm them, the Grav Cannons seem the obvious choice but I wasn't sure about them, but I think I will give them a go and see how they get on.

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