Friday, 28 April 2017

Into the Age of Sigmar.

Hey Folks...

So I am really getting into Age of Sigmar (AoS). Mainly because there are more people getting into it at the club and, as mentioned in a previous post, an old friend from my school days wanted to play. It has come from the reading of the scrolls and some of the new models of course. What AoS allows is a really diverse set of armies. Now the tournament scene will migrate to set lists, it always does, given time it finds the best combinations and the models that are the most efficient - damage output per points cost etc.

As many of you will know I am all about the fluff/theme/cool. I have played a couple of games with my Nurgle Daemons and also the Ogors. Neither of these two armies really floated my boat, there isn't much variety in them and the tactics are fairly limited. I was pondering on which direction to go and have been leafing through the various battle tomes and it occurred to me that I have an Empire army from many years ago sitting unfinished in some figure cases upstairs. I proceeded to dig them out to see what I had. Well already painted I had two units of Hand Gunners, a unit of Pistoliers, a unit of Heavy Cav and a Steamtank, plus a Wizard. Unpainted I had a unit of Swordsman, some Archers and a couple of bits of Artillery. Well that is pretty much a 1500 army right there.

What I really wanted to do was a rag tag army of Azyer. Cobbled together from survivors of a Chaos Invasion or something. So an army using mainly Empire but with some Elves, Dwarves, Stormcast thrown in for good measure. This would allow me to built a versatile army that could do a bit of everything and I could change it at will. It also allowed me to buy the odd unit from time-to-time to mix it up, I would not be restricted by my list. So Mixed Order it is.....

I decided to start by just re-basing everything I already had painted. It might not be the best units but its painted so this would save me some time getting the army on the table. I then decided that I should really build a list so that I know for sure how may points I have plus what units to buy next.

So this is the list I ended up with and why: -

I had the model already and this guy is pretty badass. He can fire six shots in the shooting phase. I also wanted to include some Sylvaneth units and I didn't want to include them without having a Wood Elf type hero to lead them.
Again, I had the model and I am including some Dwarf units, some of which are artillery so it seemed like a good idea to have this guy in there. Plus it is a really good model.
Celestial Hurricanum with a Battlemage
As you will notice on reading the list there are a fair amount of shooting units. This guy gives them a nice bonus of +1 to shoot, plus it is a wizard and again it’s a pretty awesome model to lead the army. This guy will be the General, I haven't decided on all the extras for him yet.

Freeguild Handgunners
There will be two units of 10 of these, basically because I have the models and they are painted. 
Freeguild Archers
There will be a unit of 10, I have the models already. Some of them are painted. Plus it’s a shooting unit which is kinda the theme.
Freeguild Guard
A unit of 20 with Swords and Shield. Again I had the models and I need a decent sized non shooting unit to screen my best units and to go grab objectives. Again I have the models already they just need painting.
Stormcast Liberators
I was initially going to start a Stormcast army until I realised I hand a bunch of Order units already so this was the first unit I bought for that army. So I will paint it up and put it in.

Other Units

Dwarf Cannon
A decent warmachine for taking out large targets or at least knocking off a few wounds to make them weaker.
Hellblaster Volley Gun
I had one already. Both the cannon and this will benefit from the Cogsmith.
Empire Knights
I had a unit of 5 already painted up and these guys are mobile and able to hunt down warmachines and go for objectives.
Freeguild Pistoliers
I had a unit of 5 of these already painted. I will use them to go after objectives but also to get behind the lines of the opponent and maybe go for their heros or wizards.
I will have 2 of these, mainly because they have guns and look cool.
Kurnoth Hunters
Thes guys look awseome and are badass. The models are just too cool so I had to put a unit of them in.

So that is the list I am going for, 2000 on the button. As mentioned I already own pretty much all of the army so I just need to get painting the few bits that are missing. I might actually put it on the table before I have finished painting it just because I am really into AoS at the moment and just want to get some games in. So keep an eye out for some reports on how it plays soon.

So here are some of the models that I have rebased, some of these models I must have painted 15 odd years ago and it shows, but they are in pretty good shape and with the new bases I think they look ok on the table top.

Until next time....

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  1. Your army is looking awesome. I just started getting into AoS with the General's Handbook and have an old Orcs and Goblins army which I am jazzing up with the Getting Started Greenskinz set.