Sunday, 16 December 2012

Nurgle Inspiration....

Inspiration. Where does it come from? A lot of what I paint, the conversions that I do and the armies that I build tend to be inspired by other people, sure I have a few original ideas (the Squigoth Leman Russ being one of them) but I would guess most comes from seeing other peoples work. The simplest seed can often evolve into something different and that in turn may inspire someone else and that is one of the great things about the hobby we have.

I bought the Nurgle Daemon prince model from Forge World years ago for a Daemon army I was building (when Daemons were good) but I never got round to painting it as my hobby butterfly tendencies took over and no doubt I ended up doing something else. But I was reading this months White Dwarf and right at the back was a really small section about one of the writers trying a new painting technique out on some Plague Bearers. The technique was simple, white undercoat and the just using the new Shades to give it a Nurgle paint scheme. Wow I thought, those models look awesome and it was a technique I had never considered before. So I went upstairs and extracted the Nurgle Daemon Prince model from the draw he has been living in for a couple of years, gave him a white undercoat and got to work. I think you will agree from the pictures below he looks awesome and has inspired me to have another look at the Daemon army, its also shown me a new painting technique to add to my range. It just goes to show the smallest thing can inspire you to action and potentially a new hobby avenue.

Also this month we have been playing a lot of Warmachine at the club I go to in Hemel, as I like to play with painted armies I have again been inspired to finish a couple of Cryx models that have been sitting on the shelf for a while so have actually completed the Deathjack and am eyeing up the Kraken next.

It's been a productive month, and adding to the completed list is the second Ultramarines StormTalon which means my 1850 Ultramarine list is now finished. Of course no army is ever really complete and I have a few ideas for some additions. I am thinking of adding to the Inquisitors retinue, to get these models into the list I need to swap the two Las-Cannons for Missile Launchers in the Dev squad so those are the next things to paint up. I have also started work on the second Grey Knight Paladin squad for the game we plan to run at Salute next year. I have a suspicion that this may inspire me to complete a Grey Knight force in the future.

One other thing that I have found to help the inspirational juices flow is having a good tidy area to paint, as you may have seen from my Facebook post I recently gave my painting area an overhaul and have found that this has given my painting a new lease of life, if the environment is right then the results will come.

So if you are lacking in inspiration or motivation, take a look around at the next club day, look at the armies, models, lists of the other plays and see if something clicks to inspire you in your own work. It could be the smallest thing, a single model, a small conversion but it could lead to a whole new project.

Until next time....

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