Thursday, 8 November 2012

A new HQ in town (and a plane).

Hi Folks.

I am off for a couple of weeks on a well deserved holiday so thought I would do a quick Blog before I go. I have managed to get a good few games in with the Ultramarines and am finding a build that I like. I have been playing with Grey Knight allies which have been performing well zooming onto the table in their StormRaven.

I also got inspiration for this model from a recent White Dwarf that should a similar conversation. I use this model as a Space Marine Captain in Terminator Armour (my HQ choice for the Space Marine part of the army) but I wanted a bit of a theme. I have converted and painted the model as an Inquisitor Lord the idea that he is leading an army of Ultramarines and Grey Knights on some mission for the Inquisition.

The model itself is based on a Space Wolf Terminator body, the Power Fist and Shoulders are from the Space Marine Venerable Dread kit. The right arm is the Bolter from the Chaos Lord kit with the Grey Knight Terminator Psy-Cannon stuck to the side. I snipped the end off and stuck on the muzzle from a Plasma Gun to give the model a massive Combi-Plasma gun. The head and icon are both from the GK Terminator kit as well.

I think it came out pretty good, its a little more static than I was hoping for but if I had put on legs that gave a sense of movement then the model would have looked top heavy. With the wide stance of the legs it balances out the shoulders and power fist a lot better.

I went for a faded gold colour scheme, the gold is to make him stand out from any other Terminator model on the table but also to give him a more archaic look.

Also this week I managed to finish the first of my Ultramarine StormTalons. I wasn't that keen on this model when it was released but its actually growing on me. They have been very good in the games I have used them in so far, although they do tend to get taken out but it's normally after then have caused some damage. With their special escorting rule I tend to have one of them coming on with the GK StormRaven, this looks really cool on the table and the combination of the two planes can wreck a unit. Also as the StormRaven has a Machine Spirit you have the option of directing the Melta weapon on a nearby vehicle - double threat. Its a really great combo.

So i'll leave you with some pictures of the StormTalon whilst I head off to a secluded beach in Brazil.... its a tough life.

Until next time...

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