Saturday, 27 October 2012

Stuck to a StormEagle.

Hey Folks...

Quick update, I felt I must Blog after the last four hours.... So picture the scene, its cold and windy outside so I thought I would spend a nice afternoon watching the England V Wales Rugby League match whilst sticking together my new ForgeWorld StormEagle.

Well four rather stressful hours later, several incidents of gluing myself to other bits of myself I finally managed it. I love ForgeWorld stuff, but sometimes it really doesn't fit well together and its just a battle. This model was a total nightmare, I managed to get it together in the end but there are a few gaps that will need filling and the rear door really hasn't gone on well, but you can't really see it so not too much of an issue. I built it with Ultramarines doors as it will be fitting in with the blue fellas and transporting some Terminators into battle, overall it is a nice model and will look pretty intimidating on the battle field. In the future I was thinking about doing a complete Pre-Heresey army with another StormEagle, I might rethink :-)

I have also finished painting Draigo for the Salute army, He came out pretty nice, the only thing I don't like is the sword, as it's Finecast the sword is a little bent, and even trying to straighten it with some warm water didn't really help. But overall it's a great model with loots of detail and I really enjoyed painting him.

Ultramarines StormEagle.


Until next time...

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