Thursday, 20 September 2012

Back to Ultramar

So now I have played a few games of 6th Ed I beginning to see what is working and what isn't. From what I have seen and experienced Shooting is very much the way to go. 

With this in mind I have decided to go back and take a look at my UltraMarines, I became a fan of the 40K poster boys after reading the Graham McNeil novels and had a pretty kick ass army back in the days of 4th Ed. However when 5th Ed came out, and with it, a new Codex the basic Marines seemed to take a bit of a hit and Close Combat armies seemed to  be the new thing (thats when I started my Orks). But now 6th Ed is with us I think it might be time to bring out the Blue fellas again.

I am going to start with the list below mainly as I have all the models, except the fliers, so its going to be easy to get it up and running. The Libby is my HQ of choice, the new powers are pretty cool and can give the Marines a nice boost. The troops will be two basic Tactical Squads, these guys can dish out some nice anti-infantry shooting as well as some decent overwatch if charged and can split into Combat Squads if required to give 4 Troop units. They will both run with Razorbacks with twin-linked Las-Cannons, these can take out vehicles, MC's or move a Combat Squad around. The main attack unit will be the Terminators, tactical Terminators are the monkies nuts these days, with a 2+ save and power fists they can mash anything that comes close. They will be the main objective takers. The rest of the army is there for fire support, the Thunderfire Cannon can target large troop units, the fliers have both infantary and vehicle destroying abilities and the Devs can targat vehicles and MC's. The Dreadnought can also target vehicles and has some anti-infantary firepower also.

I think this army has enough to deal with most things, so all I need to get is the fliers and do some touchups and it should be ready to go.

1850 Ultramarines (Space_Marines)

HQ - 140
Space Marine Librarian (140)
Smite; Force Dome; bolt pistol; Terminator armour; storm shield.

Elites - 380
Dreadnought (145)
twin-linked lascannon; missile launcher.

5 Terminators (235)
assault cannon; chainfist.

Troops - 540
10 Tactical Marines (275)
plasma gun; plasma cannon.
Razorback: twin-linked lascannon.

10 Tactical Marines (265)
meltagun; missile launcher.
Razorback: twin-linked lascannon.

Fast Attack - 460
Stormtalon Gunship (155)
Typhoon missile launcher.

Stormtalon Gunship (155)
Skyhammer missile launcher.

Stormtalon Gunship (150)
twin-linked lascannon.

Heavy Support - 330
Thunderfire Cannon (100)

5 Devastators (230)
4× lascannon.

1,850 points

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