Sunday, 2 September 2012

Grey Knights and Dark Angels.

Hello folks....

Its been a busy week hobby wise with lots of new releases and models in the process of being painted up. I have managed to get a few more games of 6th Ed in and I am still struggling to make the Orks work. I have come to the conclusion that units of 12 in Truks just don't seem to cut it in 6th Ed, with Overwatch knocking a couple of bodies down on the charge and then generally going last in combat by the time the boyz get to hit they don't seem to have the number of attacks to do the job in the first round of combat and they really need to hit hard in the first round as in the second round they are at reduced strength as the Furious Charge turns off. I am going to try a couple of things, perhaps put in some larger units of Shoota Boyz or maybe try large units of combat troops in Battlewagons rather than Truks, but with vehicles being a little easier to take down I am not holding my breath.

Will give it go, but with some recent releases I am thinking about parking the Orks for a bit and trying something new. I have played the Orks for several years and I think I might need a break from them, I reckon a new Codex isn't that far away (well I hope) so I might park them unit then. This has also been partially initiated by the release of the new 40K box set. I have been considering going back to Marines as I have an Ultramarine army in a draw, but the army structure isn't great to work in 6th so it would need some new units, and the paint job is looking a bit old, so I think I might start a new Marine army. The new box contains some nice new Dark Angels models and this is where I am going to start. Dark Angels have a lot to offer in terms of variety, I can have an army of all Terminators with Deathwing, an army of Bikes and Speeders with Ravenwing or a mix of everything with basic Marines. I could also just use them as a basic Marine codex army to get some flyers in there too.

I am initially considering a Deathwing army as Tactical Terminators have had a nice boost in the new addition, anything with a 2+ save and a power fist is now pretty awesome. In 1850 I can get 7 units of Terminators with various weapon load outs and thats going to be tough for anyone to get through. So with this in mind I painted up a test model to see of I could get the Bone armour scheme to look nice, I can't play an army unless I think I can paint it well and it will look good on the table top.

I started with a White undercoat, I then washed the model with a black wash to give it some shading. I then mixed up a pot of paint that was a 50/50 mix of Bleach Bone and White and painted the model with this colour leaving some of the shading visible. I then washed the whole model with a watered done Devlen Mud to add a bit more shading. Once this was dry I lightly drybrushed the model with White to concentrate on the edges, then there was a final wash with a very watered down Sepia. This gave a nice depth to the armour. Once dry I picked out the various details, iconography etc. I am pretty pleased with the way its come out and I think a whole army of these fellas would look really nice. Not sure on the army setup yet, am very tempted to just go with units of Terminators and not bother with any vehicles at all, but that will be the starting point and then I can mix in other things if I think they are needed.

Also this month I have finished off the first unit of Grey Knight Paladins for the Salute game, next will be painting up Draigo to go with this unit in the Stormraven. Next will be another unit of Paladins, not sure if we are going to use them as we need to play test the scenario first.

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