Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Ogre progress

So my new found addiction to Warhammer is proceeding at a great rate, I have managed to get several games in over the last few days and I think what I would consider my favourite Ogre list is taking shape. I have also started on my secret Warhammer project and painted the first model and converted one other which really looks cool, and in all honesty I doubt I will be able to keep the project secret for that long (so expect secret project pictures soon, probably).

So to the list. In the last few games I have played Orcs and Goblins, the new Vampire Counts twice and Chaos Warriors twice. I lost the O&G game, although it was very very close, the reason I lost (I think) was my opponent rolled an immense number of 5+ saves on his Savage Orcs and sometimes that happens, the tactical error I made was charging my unit of Mournfang in to a unit of Black Orcs and keeping the Thundertusk behind instead of getting it in too. The trick with Mournfang is charge and kill, if the combat goes on for more than a couple of rounds you are dead. Black Orcs hit pretty hard and have a decent save, so it wasn't a good matchup for the Mournfang.

The first Chaos Warrior game was also a loss, in this game I tried the double Mournfang list, I destroyed the whole of his army, but I could not shift the 30 Warrior unit that had a couple of champions in it. This was mainly due to how I tried to deal with it. In the second Chaos Warrior game I killed all the rest of the army and then manoeuvred my units to multi charge the large Warrior unit and this worked a treat giving me a good victory in this game.

I won both the games against the Vampires, to be fair the General was inexperienced with them and it was his first few games, but i'll take the wins. In the first game the Ironblaster took out the Vamp general and the army crumbled, in the second game the Mournfang charged forward and destroyed a large Zombie unit in one go and overran into the General. Vamps - General = not good.

So overall I am loving the Ogres at the moment. The double Mournfang at 2400 lvl are awesome, I am still in two minds about the Thundertusk and am yet to try the Stonehorn (still waiting to be painted). I think i am fixed on the Character setup that I am going to use for the time being and will probably go through those in another post in the future. A unit of Ogres with Ironfists and a unit of Ironguts make up the core and these vary between 8 to 10 ogres a unit (including characters). So essentially the main army is decided, the final choices are between the Thundertusk/Stonehorn or actually not using a monster at all and going for an Ironblaster or two, Leadbelchers or Maneaters. A few more practise games will no doubt help, but the fact that any of those units is viable is testament to the Army Book.

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