Tuesday, 24 January 2012

One Elf to save them all......

So I have been playing a few games of Lord of the Rings recently, it has been great to get back into it after spending the majority of my time with other systems. Being away from a certain system for a while can be a good thing, when you go back to it again it makes you realise how good it is and reenergises you again to do some new models.

Some of the guys at the club I play at in Hemel are going to the LotR GT in a couple of weeks so I have been helping them out with some practise games. The Dwarves of Durin have had a run as have the Goblins and next week I will be rocking out the Ents for the first time in a few years. The system really is great and the models are awesome, although I think the guys at the club maybe regretting asking me to play some practise games as I haven't lost a game and have been ruining hobby :-) not what you want when practising for a GT.

One of the guys is trying a Fellowship/Eleven hero army but was struggling to get them completed so I painted up a Celeborn to help him out and its a model that has been sitting in my "to paint" box for a few years. After getting back into the system after a year or so away has inspired me to paint up some of those models that are still in boxes, I might even get round to the Mumak that has been looking at me half built for several years. So if your hobby is getting a little dull, go back to one of those game systems you haven't played for a while, it can give you a great new perspective.

Hobby wise work continues on the Ogres, the BSB is complete along with a Bellower for the Ironguts. I have also started on my new project, its a secret project that might take a while to complete but when it hits the table its going to look awesome.

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