Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Secret Project

Well I am off to China for work for a few weeks and I know some of you just can't wait to know what the secret project is. So I am going to let you know.... to be honest I couldn't keep it a secret. It's going to take a while to get to the table top, but my next big project is Chaos Dwarves. Ever since the new models have been released from Warhammer Forge I just could not resist, so I have painted the first model to get the scheme right and then I will be set to make a start on the main units.

I haven't really decided on the list yet, but there will be plenty of war machines and warriors. The general will be mounted on a Bale Taurus for sure with some very specific items to allow him to take on some units on his own. The model in the picture is from the command group and is the Champion of the unit. The paint scheme is outlined below.

One of the iconic units is Chaos Dwarf armies is the Bull Centaurs. There are currently no new models for these and I am not that keen on the old ones. Bull Centaurs are now counted as Monster Cav and thus need to be on 50mm square bases, their stat line is also pretty chunky and the old models just don't do them justice size wise, so my conversations are a little bigger than the old ones. Half an Ogre, and half Juggernaut and a bunch of Green Stuff. So this is where I am up to right now, next step is get the Core units done.

The paint scheme for the Dwarves is as follows: -

Base Coat.
  • Mechrite Red/Scorched Brown 50/50 mix.
  • Baal Red wash.
  • Paint metal areas Boltgun Metal. 
  • Black wash whole model. 
  • Baal Red wash the red armour areas. 
  • Black wash the metal areas. 
  • Mechrite Red on armour. 
  • Blood Red on armour. 
  • Mithril Silver on metal areas. 
Final Touches. 
  • Wash armour Baal Red again. 
  • Apply 2 thinned washes of Sepia.
  • Tallern Flesh. 
  • Ogryn Wash. 
  • Highlight with Tallern again. 
  • Final highlight of Bleach Bone (if required). 
  • Midnight Blue base layer. 
  • Dwarf Bronze the jewels in the beard.
  • Black Wash the beard. 
  • Highlight Shadow Grey.
  • Wash with watered down Blue Wash. 

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