Thursday, 16 February 2012

Blogging from behind the wall........

So here I am behind the firewall that is China, logging in through a VPN to bring you the lastest from Shanghai... well there isn't really anything to tell to be honest.

So hobby related activities have been greatly reduced to practically nothing. I did however manage to make a visit to the GW store in Shanghai to pickup a bunch of the new Lord of the Rings army books. It really could have been any GW store in the world, the minute I walked in I was surrounded by a couple of very enthusiastic Chinese GW staff asking all the same questions and following me around bestowing the virtues of the hobby that I have been involved in before most of these guys where born.

The prices were exactly the same, although most things in China are anyway. The guy that runs the store actually used to be the area manager for the south of the UK and he is only there for a couple of years to get things up and running, as time went by more slightly overweight, slightly smelly Chinese nerds came in to start playing and I took some slight comfort in the fact that no matter what colour, race or religion you are - nerds are the same the world over and we all get excited over well painted toy soilders - and that's a good thing.


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