Thursday, 19 July 2012

From the Eye of Terror

So I have finally got my hands on a copy of the 6th Ed 40K book and one of the new things it introduces is a new feature to army building - Alliances. Now there are two ways of looking at this: -

1. What are the best combinations I can think of from different armies to crush hobby and win.
2. What cool combinations of army will look awesome and what modelling opportunities will this give me?

I am most defiantly in the number 2 camp.

Many years ago GW would release the occasional book that was almost a campaign style book, it would have some scenarios, new units but it would also have some alternate army lists, one of these books was the Eye of Terror and it contained a new army list called The Lost and the Damned. This was basically a traitor style guard army but it also allowed you to take a squad of Chaos Marines for example, it was a great list and I built a pretty affective army out of it. My army had a Nurgle theme and I made units of guard by mixing the Cadian and Zombie kits, it looked great. But alas the book phased out of use and my models became redundant, I could have expanded it into a full guard army but other things came along and they got packed away....... until now. With the new allies rules they can come out of their hiding place and take to the table again.

I am thinking along the same lines as my original army with Nurgle as the theme, so the main army will be Plague Marine based and then I will have an allied force of Guard using my Zombie Guard models. The new Chaos Codex is round the corner and is rumoured to have Cultists as a new unit type so I may not even need to use the guard allies to get the models into the army. If this is true then I might be able to squeeze some Daemon allies in. I have a Daemon army that hasn't seen much action yet as they turned out to be a bit rubbish in the latter half of 5th.

So with the new addition out there appears to be a lot of opportunities modelling wise, I am just going to wait for the new Chaos Codex to come out before I fully decide which approach to take. My Orks will be getting some attention too but I need to play a few games with them first to see how the new edition has affected them.

So below are a few pictures of my Zombie/Nurgle/Guard army.


  1. Love it, great models chap. Definitely in the number 2 crew as well :P

    Lots of rumors about the new Chaos list on Bell of Lost Souls if you ever read that site? There are suggestions that it will reflect the fantasy book with tables to roll favours/curses of the gods and that kind of thing.

    Should be good!

  2. These are beauts. Particularly like the look of the Hvy Bolter fella and the Sentinel (great base) with the driver's 'mate' hanging off the front ;)

    p.s. cheers for the banner!