Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Scrap-launcher was bad......

We all have "that model" the one that is impossible to put together, for me it was the Ogre Scrap-launcher. Mine took me the best part of five or six hours to put together. Several swear words were uttered, fingers were superglued together and on several occasions it nearly went out of the window. When the new plastic kit came out I assumed things would be different. The new kit can make either a Scrap-launcher or an Ironblaster. I went with the Ironblaster; now the kit is awesome but its still very tricky to put together, I spent a while trying to hold bits together to find out what the best combination of bits should be stuck together before painting.

But the effort was worth it, the Ironblaster is a really great looking model, its big, but not too big to look stupid. Everything does fit together really well even though it is a pain in the butt to put together. I am looking at getting two into the army at some point, but only when the memory of putting together the first one fades.

One in the army can be put down, two gives you some redundancy and if you get first turn then the opponents big monster or artillery has something to worry about as these are the most accurate cannons in the game. Roll two bounce dice, pick the highest, whats not too love? It's also strength 10 shooting normally and with grape shot... oh and its a Chariot, a tough one at that. It is 170 points which isn't cheap but when you take into account the accuracy, the fact that its a chariot and it also looks really cool its a model that is fighting for its place in the army, and if you are going to have one, why not double your fun with two? 

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