Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Cryx - a new addition.

So Warmachine, a game I am really in to, but not had much opportunity to play lately. My Cryx army is coming along really nicely and I have now acquired all the elements and units that I want, most recently I have added a Wraith Engine which is in the process of painting and have finish off my unit of Bane Thralls  by adding a Commander and Banner Bearer along with the Solo Bane Lord Tartarus. The only thing left to paint will then be the Deathjack and a unit of Bile Thralls. After this I will probably move to my other factions. Attached is a picture of Mr. Tartarus himself, the paint job looks really nice but was very easy, basically I base coated and then drowned it in Black Wash and then picked out all the highlights. This gives a dark look which is what I was after and is truly befitting the Bane Lord.....

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