Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Mournfang Complete

So the first Mournfang Unit is complete, and if I do say so myself looks awesome. As I mentioned in the previous blog I wasn't that keen on the models when they were released but in the flesh they look really good.

I used two units in a game at my local club in Hemel against a Chaos Warrior army, I lost the game but only because I couldn't shift his massive horde of Chaos Warriors, the two units of Mournfang pretty much destroyed the rest of the army on their own. The best charge was both units of four hitting a unit of 30 Khorne Marauders with fails, the Marauders went first but after the dust had settled 6 Marauders were left for the cost of 4 Mournfang, not bad. The Mournfang also accounted for 10 Maurader Horseman, a Chariot and a Warshrine. I backed them up with a Thundertusk, and in the first fight the Thundertusk ability of making other units strike last was awesome, but that was all. After the first turn it got bogged in combat with a chariot and then died to a fireball so I am still not convinced it's worth the 250. Going to try the Stonehorn in the next game.

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