Thursday, 4 October 2012

Deathwing Command Squad and other bits.

Hello fellow plastic crack addicts.

Its been a busy hobby week and with several projects on the go the paint station is covered in models in various stages. The "List" from a previous post has been abandoned in favour of doing what I fancy and it seems to be working out ok.

With 6th Edition getting more of my play time I have finally decided on the direction of my various armies.

1. For the Orks I have settled on a contingent of Imperial Guard allies and they performed pretty good in their first outing and they will soon be joined by a Vendetta.

2. The first squad for the Deathwing has now been finished (Only 6 more to go).

3. I have finalised a list for my Ultramarines and am just finishing up a few bits to get them up to 6th Edition readiness. They were my army of choice in 4th Ed but didn't seem to work so well in 5th so were confined to a box, but I think in 6th they will be pretty good.

Also on the paint station is a unit of Bile Thralls and Epic Deneghra for my Cryx WarMachine army. The Kraken is also stuck together and will be the next thing to see the paint brush when the 40K stuff is done.

Following on from my post about the iPad and the amazing quality of its pictures I thought I would try out the video option, I think that works pretty well to. I am going to try and get hold of a turntable so that I can get decent 360 video of models to put in various Blog's.

A close up of the squad Apocathory.

 The Squad Standard Bearer.

Inq Coateaz (The was the first FineCast model I bought when FineCast was first released). 

A squad of Purifiers I painted up when the GK Codes was released. 

Until next time.... 

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