Sunday, 10 June 2012

Mek it up.....

The recent release of the new Ork flyer has inspired me to look at my 40K Ork's again. They have been in a fairly completed state for a while (of course no army is ever complete) and I have been waiting for the new edition before taking a look at them again, but the new Ork flyer got the Ork juices flowing again.

I have been using the Orks in a speed freak configuration for a long time and had some great success but a lot of the new Codex releases have let the Orks a little behind so I thought it was time to try something different. One theme I have had in the back of my mind for a long time is the Mek theme, basically this means taking a couple of Big Meks as HQs and then lots of Killa Kans and Deff Dreds. I have the basics of the army already and just needed a few models to get the basics of the Mek list in place.

All I need to paint up is :-

1. An extra Big Mek.
2. An extra Deff Dred.
3. An additional unit of Killa Kans.

This will give me the basic two Meks, two Deff Dreads and three units of three Killa Kans. I am still thinking of only using two units of Kans with the third Heavy being a unit of Artillary, but to start I think I will use the three Kan units and see how it goes. As to what the rest of the list will be, still to be determined. First things first is to get the extra models needed to complete the backbone of the list.

So the first model to hit the paint station was the second Deff Dred. My first Dred is armed with four Close Combat weapons, for the second Dred I have decided to go with two CCW's, a Big Shoota and a Burna. This allows the Dred to take on tanks in close combat but also deal with units of troops thinning them down before charging in.

So with the Dred completed it's on to the new unit of Kans.

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