Saturday, 31 December 2011

Sea Front

Firstly - Happy New Year.

The picture below is an old one, I took it several years ago when I used to live in Brighton, a great place for photographic opportunities. The sun was setting over the beach huts and there was a really nice cloud formation so just snapped this shot. I have altered a few things in the picture but not a great deal, played with the Curves and Levels a bit just to add a bit of a contrast between the clouds and the sky as on the original they blended together a bit.

Brighton was a great place to live and presented lots of areas for pictures, I have recently been going through all my pictures from my Brighton days and pulling out a few that have potential to become decent pictures, some of them sit in my "work in progress" folder for a long time until I work out what I want to do with them, some pictures you can look at and know how to make them great, others are slow burners. This one was a slow burner and in the end I didn't really need to do much to it to get something I liked.

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