Saturday, 24 December 2011

Lake Superior

I recently travelled to Minneapolis on a work trip and took the oppotunity to go and visit Lake Superior with my girlfriend and some work colleagues. Essentially its just a big lake, but in the same way Big Ben is just a big clock, if you are a foreigner seeing these things is really cool. It's the worlds biggest lake (if you don't count the Caspian Sea and treat Michigan and Huron as separate lakes, although technically they are one) and going to see it was awesome. One of those things you can tick off the list of places to visit.

The weather on the day was freezing cold as it was approaching winter and winters in Duluth are harsh. But the weather just seemed to make the place feel more rugged and frontier like. The lighthouse stands at the entrance to the harbour in Duluth and the image of the building standing there alone against all that the wild frontier could throw at it was an inspiration.

The other picture is of a ship leaving the harbour, we were walking back to the car and heard the sirens that go off just before the bridge in front of the harbour is raised to let a ship in or out. The Algolake is a huge vessel that transports cargo all around the ports spread throughout the various great lakes.

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