Sunday, 24 December 2017

Christmas Project

Hey Folks...

As I write this it is Christmas Eve 2017. I have a few weeks off over the holiday period and I have decided to put everything I have been working on aside and concentrate on finishing one big project - my Warhound Titan. I have had this bad boy for a few months and to be honest I was actually a bit intimidated by it. Even though it's the smallest of the Titans it is a big kit with a ton of parts and not great instructions and I have been putting it off. But I thought - no more. Its an expensive kit and it is just sitting there so Christmas break was the time to get it done.

So I cleaned my desk, put all the other projects aside, made a nice clean area and brought the box downstairs. I unpacked all the bits onto a tray and then divided them up into related groups. To make it a bit more manageable I decided that I was going to do this thing in sections - divide and conquer.  Do the feet, do the legs etc. I decided to build and paint the legs and then move onto the top half.

I have heard that the feet are one of the worse bits, so I did as above, got all the bits together, cleaned them up and then glued them together. I put some thought into the pose I wanted for the whole model so I knew what I needed the feet to look like. Actually it wasn't that bad, it did take and hour or two mind, for a two feet.

Once the feet were done I moved on to the legs. Same principle, sorted all the leg pieces, cleaned them up and built them, along with the hip. At this point I also put the base together as I didn't get the legs aligned perfectly so had to put a rock outcrop on the base to get one of the legs to the right hieght.

So now the legs were assembled I began to paint them Boltgun metal undercoat with my traditional rusty look on the legs. The armour plates are a combination of Black, White and Red which are the colours of the Legio Mortis to which this Titan belongs.

I also finished off the base and stuck the legs down. So at this point the legs are done apart from one of the plates which is nearly done. There are stripes on the left leg plate which you can't totally see in the pic.

Despite my initial fear of this model I have actually really enjoyed it and it wasn't as bad as I first thought it would be. The trick is to plan, organise and make sure you have all the bits. Dry fit everything before you stick and bob is your uncle.

I will have a bit of a break over Christmas and then crack on.

Happy Christmas - until next time...

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