Friday, 13 March 2015


Hey folks.

So this month I actually finished something. Yes you heard me correctly, I finished something.

An argument can be made that no army is ever really finished and that's certainly a valid view. But I am now in possession of 1500 pts of fully painted Nurgle flavoured Chaos Space Marines. Of course this brings with it its own problems, what to do next?

I have several projects on the go at the moment, and I am trying to finish a few things off that have been hanging around for a bit (which regular readers will know is a common theme for me) - but then what happens? GW release Harlequins and OMG (to quote my daughter) they are some pretty amazing models, and then what comes up for Pre-order? A new plastic Bloodthirster. Come on GW you are killing me here.

Veteran Nurgle Chaos Marine
So what have I been up to recently? Well as mentioned above I finished off my army of Chaos Marines. Although this year I want to primarily play Daemons I wanted to get this army finished so that I could play something to mix it up a bit but also so I could play games by mixing the two armies together. As well as finishing the 1500 points of I have painted a unit of Veterans using the Blight King models from Fantasy, some more Zombies to use as Cultists and a Land Raider. I will add a unit Terminators, also a Heavy Weapons team with Four Heavy Bolters. I am also looking to add in a Bastion as well as a bit of scenery it will be great to mount the Heavy Weapons team in. Once those bits are done i'll put the Chaos Marines to bed for a bit.

Veteran Nurgle Chaos Marine Squad

Veteran Nurgle Chaos Marines

Chaos Land Raider

Chaos Land Raider

Nurgle Forgefiend

Nurgle Forgefiend

For my 40K Daemons I have been painting up a few Tzeentch bits. I want to diversify from Nurgle a bit just so I don't get too bored with the army and the Tzeentch models are awesome. I have just done one Herald on a Disc and a couple of Horrors at the moment just to get the paint scheme right. I mounted the Horrors on the new 32mm base size as they do tend to be a bit wobbly in the 25mm ones. I also did one Screamer, again just to get the paint scheme right. Not sure how much I am going to add, might just be a couple of Horror units and a couple of Heralds for the time being.

Tzeentch Daemons

Still with 40K I have been flicking through the IA13 book and thinking about a few Renegade lists. There are some really great oppotunites for modelling some unique looking units from this list and I would like to try and use some models that aren't seen in 40K games much. There is a unit entry that is almost like a Merc type unit, I think maybe something like the Imperial Astra Militarum units would look good, painted in a suitably ragged way.

Again for 40K I have painted up a few Harlequins. I hadn't planned on starting an army of these but the models are so good. I'll paint up a few more of them just because I like models and I can use them as allies to my Marines. They might develop into a full army in the future, having a flick through the Codex they look pretty fun to play. I suspect they will be a bit of a glass hammer though.


Its been pretty much all 40K this month. One target I have for the next couple of months is to put together all my troops for Hail Caesar. Having read the rules I really like the look of this game and want to give it a try. I have painted 60% of one unit just to make sure I like the look of them but there are a lot of models in that starter set. Its going to take me a while to put them all together though. I have also been experimenting with magnets on the bases. Its not something I have done before but the models stick to the movement tray really well and will make moving them round the board less fraught.

Madame Sybelle
I managed to add model to my Malifaux crew in the form of Madame Sybelle. I actually managed to win my first Malifaux game a few weeks ago. Its a really great system with fantastic models. Hoping to get some more games in soon.

Nurgle Chaos Squat
And Finally. I was digging through some boxes and came across a bag of Forge World Chaos Dwarves from a long abandoned project. They are great models and I was thinking what I could do with them.... Chaos Dwarf Squats!!!!!! Squats are the long lost love child of 40K, they still kinda mention them in the fluff occasionally. I plan to model a unit of 7 and using them as Chaos Space Marines. They should look cool.

Until next time.....