Monday, 22 December 2014

Blessed by Nurgle

Hey Folks...

So I was recently blessed by Nurgle, I suspect because I have been painting a lot of models for him. This blessing, however, did not take the form of a cool tentacle but a cold. Neither did I come out of it the other end as a blessed warrior so it was all a bit disappointing really.

But I carried on painting models for him none the less.

I am in the process of painting the second Plague Marine squad, but (as always) I keep getting distracted by cool ideas. The main one this month came about as I sat in hobby cave looking looking on the Internet for something to buy for my wife to give me for Christmas. On Christmas day I like to have something to read, I like to just veg out on Christmas day with a beverage and flick through a nice book and the new Imperial Armour book caught my attention, its all about Chaos so seemed like a good idea. As I was looking on the Forge World site and reading the contents of this book my eye saw two words.... Storm Eagle. I slowly turned around and looked at the Storm Eagle model that has been sitting, unloved, on top of my cabinet for two years waiting to be painted. A slow smile crept across my face.

Death Guard Stormeagle.
I bought this model exactly two years ago, you may remember my post about me sticking myself to it as it was the most impossible thing to stick together. I got it for my UltraMarines originally, but I can't see myself using it with that army and I don't think I will be playing my Ultras for a while, they have seen many battles and for future events I will be going with my Daemons and Chaos Marines. I grabbed the model, rushed down stairs an immediately began hacking off the UltraMarine symbols and adding some Green Stuff mould to it and several hours later I had a cool flier to add to my new Death Guard army. Awesome. It's painted in the same rust style as I used on the previous tanks so that it fits in with the theme. Whilst ordering the book (for the wife to give me) I also took the opportunity to purchase a Death Guard Contemptor Dreadnought. These are awesome models and it will look great striding along side the Plague Marines. So I spent most of this month painting extras to the army rather than actually finishing off the army and then adding the extras. I really must get better at that.

Death Guard Stormeagle.

Death Guard Stormeagle.
Death Guard Contemptor Dreadnought. 

Well once the Plague Marines are finished then most of the army is done. I am just a couple of tanks away from finishing and it should be ready for the table.

I have only managed to get one 40K game in this month against Tom and you can see the write up of this in the Daemon tab of the Blog.

With the release of the new Hobbit film I also got inspired to paint up the Tauriel model I have had for a while. I love the Hobbit game but don't have many opponents. I hope to attend the Hobbit GT again this year and am thinking of taking the Mirkwood Elves so I painted her as a bit of a tester.

The other thing I got hold off this month is the new Glotkin model that has been released for the Warhammer Endtimes story line. This model is amazing..... I am going to use it as either a Great Unclean One or the Ku'garth (the character Great Unclean One). Its such a huge kit with such character that I couldn't resist. The great thing is that it comes with two "riders" both of which are characters in Warhammer but they can both be used in 40K, one as a Lord and the other as a Sorcerer in my Chaos Marine army. I have also bought some of the Warhammer Blight Kings (I think thats what they are called) as again they are excellent models and would be great as Chaos Marine Chosen.

Work In Progress Glotkin. 
The Champion from the Glotkin kit is fantastic. In the Warhammer version of the model he rides on top, I have based him on a 40mm round base to use as a HQ choice.

Chaos Lord (from Glotkin kit). 

Malifaux has also been keeping me interested, I played my first game at the club the other week and have another one lined up. The new plastics by Wyrd Miniatures are amazing. They are very detailed and really nice to paint up. I have one Crew (Ressurectionists) but whilst checking out an online retailer I stumbled across the Swamp Hag set for the Neverborn and couldn't resist. I am still not fully up on the game itself but hoping that the game next week will allow me to get my head round it a bit.

So as Christmas heads our way (and my 40th birthday) its time to think on the year ahead and maybe a more structured approach to painting and collecting. I am sure I can be a bit more efficient in what I paint to get whole armies on the table. But having said all this I am pretty sure its what I said last year.

And finally. I finished the chap a while ago for my Convergence Warmachine army but forgot to post a picture - so here is the Prime Axiom Colossal.

Prime Axiom. 

Until next time, Happy Christmas....

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