Friday, 25 April 2014

Like a Bolt from Salute, with some big guys too.

Hey Folks.

Its been a busy month on the hobby front, in some ways good, and in others not so good, but not so good in a good way.

This month saw the annual event that is Salute. This sees thousands of gamers go to the eXcel in London to gather and do all things gaming. Its a great event with lots of tables of various games and retailers selling everything under the sun gaming related (this is the good). This means that I went with a bunch of cash and came away with very little cash (the not so good). However I swapped this cash for a bunch of cool gaming stuff (the not so good in a good way).

The first of my purchases was a Bolt Action army. This game has become very popular at the Brighton club and I have been intrigued by it, I am slowly becoming a big fan of WWII games (maybe this is an age thing). I went for the Germans as they have the coolest tanks by far and regular readers will know by now that I am all about the "cool". After opening the box and savouring that new box of models smell I pulled out the tank, stuck it together and slapped some paint on it. I haven't even done a list yet I just wanted to get the tank painted. First list will be in the region of 750pts I think, start small and build up. The one thing I am struggling with is all the different weapon options but that will come over time. I am going to get all the models stuck together first so I can get a few games in whilst I paint them. Army list wise I have no idea what I am doing so am just going to make something up and go with it. I have played a basic demo game and I really like the mechanic of picking a dice out of a bag to determine who moves the next unit as it adds a very tactical dynamic. Some of the models for the game are excellent, not GW standard but good and I am looking forward to having a game. As well as the tank I have stuck together and painted the Mortar and the Machine Gun. The basic troops you can play with just stuck together, but you can't really stick the artillery stuff together as it makes painting it tricky so I have done these first so I can play with them and not have models falling about all over the place. Its a basic tabletop paint job, nothing I have put a massive amount of time into.


Machine Gun and Mortar Teams

The second of my purchases was a new Malifaux crew and the 2nd Ed rulebook. I have wanted to have a go at this game for a while and the 2nd Ed rules are supposed to be a bit easier to get your head around. The models are really nice, Wyrd have just started out with plastics and they have done a cracking job on the sculpts. Once the Bolt Action stuff is done I am going to stick them together and get some paint on them. The quality of the models is excellent with lots of detail and as you only need a few to have a game I can spend a bit of time on each. I went for the Ressurectionists purely because I liked the look of the crew, the main guy is a very flamboyant undead pimp basically and his crew is a bunch of undead hookers which makes for some interesting models.

The last purchases were for Warmachine, I picked up the new Butcher (because he is awesome) and the Convergence of Cyriss Colossal, its rated up there with the best Colossals so it will be interesting to see how it performs. I think it can work well in a 35pt list unlike some of the other Colossals so I am looking forward to getting some use out of it.

Painting wise this month has been very productive and mainly features big hitters. for Warmachine I have finished of the Behemoth Warjack and the Gun Carriage Battle Engine. Behemoth is a great Jack with two guns and some heavy hitting fists that halve the AR value of anything being hit. He is pricy, I think the most expensive Jack there is (bar Colossals) but as I very rarely play more than one Jack in a Khador list it isn't too difficult to fit him in. The Gun Carriage is a model I have wanted to field for a while. Out of all the Battle Engines it probably one of the better ones and will look really cool in a Winterguard based list.
Gun Carriage

At the club I play at in Hemel we are starting a 40K tourney soon that will run over a couple of months. I was going to take the new Daemon army but thats an 1850 list and the tourney is 1500. I am not so sure that the Nurgle list will work so well at 1500 so what to take? I have my Ultramarines or Grey Knights but how to make them a little different and add something new.... how about a Knight? GW just released the new Knight model, at first I wasn't going to get one but I had a read of the codex and the background was really cool so I made the purchase and OMG the kit is fantastic. I assembled the kit in stages basically the skeleton on its own and then painted that and the armour plates separately before sticking them on. Once I finished it I just sat and looked at the model for a good five minutes, it really is a lovely model and although pricy its well worth it and I am seriously considering buying another three or four to make a full army of them. It took me a good solid twenty hours to paint I think but it really is worth putting in the effort.

Until next time...

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