Friday, 9 December 2011


I have decided to turn this Blog into a way of recording my photographic hobby. I have always enjoyed taking pictures for no other reason than I like to.... they are for me, if others like them then great, if they don't... well never mind. So here we go, the first picture.

My other interest is bodyboarding, I like to travel to various spots in the UK in my old trusty VW Camper and get in the sea. Its not just the sport I enjoy but the whole surf culture/lifestyle. I realise that its bit of a cliche these days and not the hippie world of the 60's, but its there and the people that truly understand know who they are. This was a picture I took on the beach in Newquay, not one of my favourite spots due to the crowds but you can't deny that when its pumping in Newquay its a great place to surf. I was walking along the beach with my camera and saw these two guys walking along the beach looking for a spot and it just seemed to give a glint of what surfing is to me, two friends going to enjoy the waves...

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